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Under the Oak Tree: Manta Announces Season 3 of Romance Series
Under the Oak Tree is the hit fantasy romance comics adapted from the popular web novel by Kim Suji of the same name that has once entered the Amazon Bestseller Chart; it is one of the top series on the Manta platform, with critics praising its beautiful artwork, engaging story, and relatable characters. "Under the Oak[...]
Secret Origin of Matt Baker's Cinderella Love #25 Cover, at Auction
John, cover-dated December 1954) is considered among his best pieces of cover artwork, and it's easy to see why.  A festive, celebratory theme, a budding romance in the background, and a beautiful woman in the foreground who clearly has something on her mind.  Like much of Baker's artwork, it's a cover with a story to[...]
A Very British Love Affair
A collection of what they describe as Britain's long-forgotten romance comics in a 224-page hardcover for January 2023, curated by Eisner Award-nominated historian and artist David Roach And mirroring the titles of recent BBC and Netflix hits, calling itself A Very British Affair Many of these stories have never been since their initial publication It[...]
Doctor Who: BBC Releases Romance Supercut Video for Valentine’s Day
Your mileage may vary, depending on your opinion of those scenes, of course. Ahh, romance on "Doctor Who", image: BBC Romance didn't use to be a big thing for Doctor Who Yes, supporting characters often fell In love in the classic show, but that was usually treated as an afterthought and an excuse to get them off[...]
Good Mourning, Debut YA Graphic Novel by Circe Moskowitz & Caleb Hosalla
The world English rights to this supernatural romance OGN have been picked up by Michelle Lee at Dial Books. Circe Moskowitz & Caleb Hosalla, via Dial Books PR Originally pitched as Schitt's Creek meets HGTV, Black vampire Theo trades in the city and her coven for a quiet, New England inn only to find it more rundown[...]
Yakuza Lover: Viz Previews Steamy Shoujo Beat Romance Manga
Viz Media has released a preview of the steamy Shoujo Beat romance manga Yakuza Lover by Nozomi Mino "Shojo" means "young girls" in Japanese, and Shojo Beat is the premier Japanese manga anthology for young female readers The creators and artists are female, creating manga for a female audience. "Yakuza Lover" KOI TO DANGAN © 2019[...]
Epic: ABC's Fairytale Anthology Has Cast Themselves A Princess
Epic will be a romance-themed fairytale anthology on ABC, which has had great success with similar past shows such as the previously mentioned Once Upon A Time The plot will surround the character of Luna, now known to be played by Brittany O'Grady, who has had previous work in the 2019 Black Christmas remake and the series Star that aired[...]
The Great North Season 1 Flips Gendered Romantic Expectations: Review
The Great North's latest episode, "Pride & Prejudance Adventure", gave audiences a chance to see how assumptions of romance and growth go hand-in-hand The episode both focuses around the visitation of the Beef's brother, the long-distance uncle, who visits for a short period, and the school dance that Judy and her siblings prep for Beef[...]
Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Bob's Burgers & More: 5 VDay-Approved TV Couples
Jake and Amy find their way through not only tough times both ordinary and not, they also address real issues for couples such as the topic of having kids or workplace romance. There's always been an up and down variety of couples swooning across our television screens, but not all make us feel inspired or[...]
The King’s Beast: Viz Media Launches Sequel to Dawn of the Arcana
The fantasy world of Dawn of the Arcana returns in The King's Beast on February 2nd. Courtesy of Viz Media Dawn of the Arcana introduced a world of fantasy, romance, and palace intrigue: "Princess Nakaba of Senan is forced to marry Prince Caesar of the enemy country Belquat, tantamount to becoming a hostage While Caesar is pleasing to[...]
The Sapling's Curse - an Arthurian Gay Romance Graphic Novel For 2023
Publisher's Weekly describes it as thus, "in this inclusive twist on the legend of Arthur, knights Lancelot and Tristan set out on a quest to find the missing magician Merlin, but instead discover an unexpected romance In this inclusive twist on the legend of Arthur, knights Lancelot and Tristan set out on a quest to[...]
And had to double back. Do I like homoerotic paranormal romance? I'm not sure But I had to ask myself And in a world where so much whizzes by, and there are many, many hanging posters for Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw across the building, Zoe Quinn's small sign did manage to stick out,[...]
Traitor Born, Softcover
Families aren't considered emotional units: members are competitors in most cases, and life isn't worth that much if you aren't at the top. From within this world, with its sci-fi weapons, drones, communicators and robots, we are given a story that's part romance, part adventure as Roselle St Sismode's world is torn apart by her mother's[...]
AC Comics June 2018 Solicits
This edition will contain plenty of Golden Age crime and romance comics for your delight More details below. GOLDEN AGE GREATS SPOTLIGHT #18 Crime and romance comic books aimed at a largely adult audience made up a large part of the US comic boom of the late1940's/early1950's (the all-time high point in comic book sales by volume),[...]
Iceman #9 cover by Kevin Wada
Iceman receives a going-away party from the X-Men, and he brings Judah along for the celebration. Unfortunately, Kitty is still angry with him, and Daken and Zach are plotting somehting nasty for Bobby Drake. Is it a good read?
Rogue and Gambit #1 cover by Kris Anka
Rogue and Gambit of the X-Men are tasked by Kitty Pryde with investigating an alleged mutant resort. Mutants are going missing there. Can our heroes help them? Can they work out their romance troubles? Is it a good read?
Batman #36 cover by Clay Mann and Jordie Bellaire
I love the reluctant bromance between Superman and Batman It's like they want to dislike one another, but they just can't help but get along They have they're differences, but they're still just too alike to not be best friends. The interactions between the World's Finest and their romantic partners are absolutely delightful You see how[...]