Bullet Catcher: Realm Fantasy Thriller Podcast Being Adapted for TV

Bullet Catcher, another highly-rated audio drama podcast, is getting adapted for TV by production company Realm, Zucker Productions, and screenwriter Stephen Susco. This is the same Zucker Productions that's behind The Naked Gun and Airplane! Susco is best known for writing horror movies like The Grudge, The Possession, and Texas Chainsaw 3D. He is currently developing Soulville for Amazon Studios. This is the latest audio drama series to be picked up for a TV version.

Bullet Catcher: Realm's Fantasy Thriller Podcast being Adapted for TV
"Bullet Catcher" key art, Realm

Bullet Catcher, created by Joaquin Lowe, is about Imma, an orphan with a missing brother who decides to cross a treacherous desert to become a mystical bullet catcher–an outlaw who can fend off bullets with a bare hand. She gets to work with a real bullet catcher and learn the tricks of the trade only to uncover a shocking secret that sets her on the path to vengeance. The series is now in its 3rd season.

Realm, formerly Serial Box, is a company that develops, or "incubates", fiction and podcasts with the purpose of creating franchises for film and television, was co-founded by former Penguin Random House executive Molly Barton and former Obama Administration Department of Justice lawyer Julian Yap. Its other podcast series include Memory Lane, Spider King, and Beatrix Greene.

Zucker Productions, run by Janet and Jerry Zucker, is behind Prince Of Cats for Legendary Entertainment, 1000 Miles, based on the true story of William and Ellen Craft, for Big Beach and an adaptation of Kate Moore's book Radium Girls for BRON Studios.

"Realm has been able to tap into audiences who crave genre content, which is why Bullet Catcher, with its devoted fan base, has such great appeal to us," said Janet Zucker, co-founder, Zucker Productions. "We see huge potential in bringing this story from audio to film, and with the talented Stephen Susco at the helm, this will be a story that will entertain current fans and captivate new ones."

"The growth in premium fiction podcasting is being met with a big appetite from listeners, creating a hotbed for intellectual property that can transition to other platforms," added Molly Barton, Realm co-founder and CEO. "We're thrilled to be teaming up with Zucker Productions and Stephen Susco to bring this action-packed, woman-led show to life on screen."

The original podcast series of Bullet Catcher can be streamed on apps and Realm's website.

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