Casa Bonita: South Park Creators Announce Restaurant Reopening Date

It's hard to believe, but Mexican-themed restaurant Casa Bonita will finally make its return official under its new ownership of Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the creators of South Park, under the company name "Beautiful Opco." The restaurant's social media account posted their latest announcement, "In a special holiday message from Trey Parker, Matt Stone, and Dana "Loca" Rodriguez, the grand reopening date for Casa Bonita is revealed. Happy holidays!"

South Park Creators Finalize Purchase Casa Bonita Featured in Series
South Park. Image courtesy of Comedy Central

The start of the video shows an aerial view of the restaurant's front side with construction still underway. We go inside, where we see Parker, Rodriguez, and Stone as the interior is still being worked on as they all introduce themselves. "We want to wish everyone in Colorado a 'Happy holidays!' from all of us at Casa Bonita," Stone begins. "You know, guys. I saw a thing in the news about what Coloradans want for Christmas," Parker adds before casting shade on the 4-10 Denver Broncos. "And besides a new football team and fresh snow, they said they wanted an opening date for Casa Bonita."

Parker offers a present to Rodriguez before the date reveals to be May 2023. "We're opening in May!" he continues as all celebrate. "We're opening in May, everybody. Feliz Navidad! Feliz Navidad!" The restaurant gained national attention in the South Park season seven episode "Casa Bonita," where Cartman (Parker) finds out his frienemy Kyle (Parker) invited Stan, Kenny, and Butters (all three played by Stone), to the restaurant for his birthday, snubbing him in the process due to his abrasive and antisemitic behavior. Since Casa Bonita is Cartman's favorite restaurant, he would do anything to take a spot with Kyle offering the spot if, by some chance, Butters can't make it. Cartman develops a plan to gaslight Butters thinking they're in an apocalypse, and confines him to a junkyard as he plays out his ruse taking over Butters' spot as the town looks for him before the party.

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