Cody Rhodes Says Sting Can Still Go Bell to Bell in the AEW Ring

This weekend at AEW Revolution, Sting will step back into the wrestling ring for the first time since Seth Rollins buckle bombed him into retirement. Some may question whether the 61-year-old WCW legend can handle a match, especially a street fight, in 2021. However, during a conference call Wednesday ahead of the AEW Revolution PPV, Cody Rhodes expressed faith that Sting can still get it done in the ring.

Sting gets revenge on Brian Cage on AEW Dynamite
Sting prepares to hit a Scorpion Death Drop on Brian Cage on AEW Dynamite

"Nobody was more of a Little Stinger than me," said Rhodes of being a Sting fan in his childhood. "I would go to the shows, and the merchandise stands had this temp tat that you would put on your face, and my mom would wet the tat, and then I'd be so excited, I'd usually take it off too early and have like a real NWO Bush-league style Sting paint on my face. But, gosh, I'm such a fan and I think Sting right now, the question is, can Sting have a regular wrestling match, you know? Can he do that? Can he go bell to bell in a live setting?"

"I would bet he absolutely can," Rhodes said. "There's a lot left, and I don't know if anyone noticed when he hit Ricky Starks with the bat, but his frenetic movement, his dynamic motion, is still there. And that's dangerous, as far as if you're his opponent, especially because people forget this, Sting is a big guy. He's from a generation where he was more of a light heavyweight, but now he's definitely a full-blown heavyweight and a little bit taller than some of our roster. Having him here is wonderful. I want to make sure he's happy. I want to make sure he has a great place to be here. And I think he's in it for the long haul with AEW and our family here."

Keeping checking back, as Bleeding Cool is attempting to break the Guinness World Record for most clickbait articles churned out of the transcript of a pro wrestling media call, so we'll have lots more on the way from Cody Rhodes and AEW in the coming days.

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