Arrow Season 6: David Ramsey Talks Ricardo Diaz And Cayden James

If you're not caught up on Arrow, then the news below is a bit of a spoiler… but then again, why are you clicking on stories if you're behind? There's a new man in the hood for a while and a new villain on the way. TVLine talked with David Ramsey aka John Diggle, about the changes going on with the show.


With Diggle now the Green Arrow and hiding his degenerative injury with drugs, the show is dealing with a lot of things… but more is on the way with some new villains, The one most connected to Diggle is Ricardo Diaz (Kirk Acevedo) based on the comic character Richard Dragon. We'll meet Diaz in a few weeks and Ramsey was asked what kind of threat he posed:

Hmmm…. I almost said something that would give it away but… Ricardo Diaz ends up being someone very important to Diggle specifically. His thread plays out on a relationship with Diggle particularly.

The character is described as an ex-con who is set on taking control of Star City's criminal underworld. Which sounds a bit like last years Tobias Church. What is the difference between the two?

He was a street-level thug. There is a street element to Ricardo, but Ricardo is much bigger than Tobias Church, his tentacles are much longer. Tobias Church was really street-level.

But this week it's about Black Siren and another villain…

It's all on Cayden James, man! It's [Helix boss] Cayden James and Black Siren this week. You get to find out, "Who is Cayden James?" Mmm-hmmm. So that's happening. And also, Felicity feels as if she can handle Cayden James and this revelation without the team, so there's a moment for her at the end of this that's helped by Oliver. Again, you have Oliver playing this position of almost Diggle, to the whole team, in a lot of ways for the next several episodes. It's a much more mature Oliver — not just with what he's doing with his son, but giving Felicity the key last week…. And that extends further this week as he helps her realize she needs the team to handle the Cayden James revelation.

The even money is that James is being played by Michael Emerson… but producers are keeping that quiet still.

Arrow airs Thursdays at 9 PM on the CW.

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