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Doctor Who: 10 Rejected (Not Really) New Year's Day Special Titles

Now that the BBC's Doctor Who: Flux has wrapped up its run, all eyes are focused on New Year's Day. Because that's when the Doctor (Jodie Whittaker), Yaz (Mandip Gill), and Dan (John Bishop) return with the first of Whittaker's final three adventures, "Eve of the Daleks." Team TARDIS finds themselves trapped in ELF storage & stuck in a time loop with two unsuspecting humans. Will the gang manage to avoid extermination and escape the storage facility in time to see out New Year's Day? Joining Whittaker, Gill & Bishop for the special are Aisling Bea (This Way Up), Adjani Salmon (Dreaming Whilst Black), and Pauline McLynn (Father Ted). But did you know that "Eve of the Daleks" wasn't the original title? Well… it probably wasn't but that doesn't have much to do with what we did here. Instead, we decided to have a little fun with what feels like a bit of a repetitive tone & vibe to how the holidays are titled. Side note? Are the Daleks to Doctor Who holiday specials what the NFL's Dallas Cowboys are to Thanksgiving Day? Anyway, we decided to grab some ideas from an alternate earth where they won't miss them a whole lot. But just remember? Taking the multiverse theory to its truly most absurd, somewhere out there is an Earth where each of these is getting a green light. Sleep well on that one…

Doctor Who
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"Hammer Time of the Daleks": When the Daleks threaten all of existence, it will take the Doctor and a certain Hammer-pantsed MC touring around the world, from London to The Bay, just to stay alive. Can they stop the Doctor's greatest enemy from "touching this" in time?

"Daylight Savings Time of the Daleks": The unthinkable has happened! Davros and his Daleks have defeated the Doctor… or have they? Thanks to a totally voluntary and not based on any scientific reasons whatsoever turning back of the clocks to standard time, the Doctor has the chance to repeat her final hour. Can she change her fate and stop Davros once and for all?

"Black Friday of the Daleks": Realizing he doesn't have a Christmas present for his niece Daphne, Davros forces the Doctor and the Master into a competition to find a store that's rumored to exist beyond all of time & space that opens early, has no lines, everything they sell is in stock, and the folks at the register don't look at you like they're wishing death upon you. The winner earns a favor from Davros. The loser earns death.

"Leap Year of the Daleks": Enjoying what she believes will be a quiet day in the countryside, the Doctor is confronted by a man with two startling secrets. He ages at a rate four times slower than normal human beings because of when he was born. He has information on a secret Dalek invasion that's been in play for over 50 years.

"Daleks of the Daleks": At what should be the exact moment of the Daleks' greatest victory, they find themselves defeated once again by… the Daleks?! A tear in the fabric of space & time has resulted in every Dalek variation from every previous special facing off in a war to determine which of them are the real Daleks and what exactly it is that they're trying to accomplish. [Ed. Note: the twist is the Doctor never appears].

"Captain Jack and the Daleks": [Ed. Note: pitch canceled upon initial submission]

"Thelma & Louise & the Daleks": [Ed. Note: this one would need some more fleshing out, but there would either be a Dalek playing Brad Pitt's role or our leads would be riding a Dalek at the end of the film. And you can be damn sure that neither of them is ending up at the bottom of any canyons.]

"Morris Day & The Time of the Daleks": When the Doctor finds herself forced to represent Earth in an intergalactic dance-off where the winner lives and the losers are annihilated, it will take some serious 80's help from Prince's friend. But will his "brand new dance" be enough to save the day… and the planet?

"Twilight of the Daleks": The Doctor has the key to defeating her greatest enemy once and for all. But to infiltrate the heart of the Dalek Empire, she will have to rely on the cold, steely & emotionless thespian powers of two surprising companions plucked out of time just at the "Twilight" of their careers for perhaps their greatest and deadliest audition yet. To become the saviors of the universe. 

"Timeshare of the Daleks": When the Daleks unleash a galactic pyramid scheme based in Boca Raton but with a shadow stretching to every corner of the galaxy, can the Doctor find a way to convince billions that they'll never use it or be able to sublease it out enough to ever break even?

Sarah (Aisling Bea) owns and runs ELF storage, and Nick (Adjani Salmon) is a customer who visits his unit every year on New Year's Eve. This year, however, their night turns out to be a little different than planned as they find themselves joining forces with the Doctor, Dan and Yaz in a fight against the Daleks.

Doctor Who
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Following the New Year's Day special, fans should expect the second special in Spring 2022 (date still not known as of this writing), with the third & final special (when Whittaker regenerates into the new & still unannounced as of this writing Doctor) airing Autumn 2022 as part of the BBC's Centenary celebrations.

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