Drag Race Season 13 Queens Get Jujubee-Roasted in The Bag Ball Review

Get comfy and set your thermostat to a sensible 74, because cat lover, Drag Race super alum, and expert Eartha Kitt impersonator Jujubee is back, live from quarantine – with a special cameo from her cat, Mister. Of course, if you haven't already seen last week's episode of RuPaul's Drag Race, be warned – we're throwing on the "MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!" sign and meeting you on the other side of this spoiler image buffer.

Drag Race

Now, on to the looks! Jujubee took over hosting duties this week for the Extra Lap Recap, part of World of Wonder's official online exclusive Drag Race coverage, and she has so much to say about all the looks in this week's bag ball. Is there a single person on the Goddess' green Earth who does not live for Miss Tamisha Iman? Juju absolutely does, as well as Bob The Drag Queen, and honestly, that's all the endorsement I need.

Speaking of Bob The Drag Queen, she is still teamed up with her drag sister Monet X Change to review each episode of Drag Race in their YouTube series, Sibling Watchery. Their recaps are sickening as well, though it is unofficial, which means they don't have clips of the episodes and just talk about it.


Back to Jujubee though – she reads the queens on their runway looks and it is life, the house down. She offers positivity without being mean or tearing apart the looks or queens; it's not harsh, just truth. "Looks like I don't like the judges anymore, because you're being mean to Tamisha. And you can't be mean to Tamisha, because Tamisha is our queen. Okay?" The world agrees with you, Jujubee.

Speaking of queens we stan, nobody can get over Utica Queen's sleeping bag couture – the gaggery, mama! It's perfect fashion-wise, fits the category to a T (no, not Elliott with 2 Ts), and showcases her quirky style. Just like this Drag Race Extra Lap Recap episode showcases Jujubee so well – I need more of this queen (and her cat).

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