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Drag Race Spain Says Hola as Sixth International Spin-Off (Image: WOW Presents)
After the success of Drag Race Holland on World of Wonder's streaming site, WOW Presents Plus, it makes total sense that the "Drag Race" empire would expand into the Spanish market. RuPaul's Drag Race has won nine Emmy awards to date and just recently wrapped filming on season 13, as Los Angeles production was cleared to[...]
Bring Back My Ghouls, Drag Race Gets Spooky Special (Image: WOW Presents)
Closet, Jackie Cox, Gigi Goode, and of course, costume queen extraordinaire, Crystal Methyd. Bring Back My Ghouls, Drag Race Gets Spooky Special (Image: WOW Presents) The special that's set to be streamed on World of Wonder's Youtube channel and WOW Presents Plus will consist of lip-sync performances from the queens, a cameo by RuPaul, and a special[...]
Canterbury Classics To Publish World Of Warcraft Illustrated Novels
The full title of this book is World Of Warcraft: Rise Of The Horde & Lord Of The Clans: The Illustrated Novels. A look at the cover art for the upcoming World Of Warcraft title, courtesy of Canterbury Classics. Longtime Warcraft fans will immediately recognize those titles as Lord Of The Clans has established lore about the[...]
Blizzard Finally Shows Off The World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Update
The company released the news on the blog today, penned by WoW Executive producer John Hight, letting fans know they would not be releasing on October 27th No singular reason was given as to why they decided to push the release date back, the most obvious one would be due to COVID-19 probably messing with[...]
Blizzard Is Adding More Servers To "World Of Warcraft Classic"
But if you ever needed proof that WoW hasn't been doing the same numbers as they used to, also take into account that the game is only third in top-grossing PC titles last month, with League Of Legends and Dungeon Fighter Online ahead of it. Credit: Blizzard Regardless of how you feel about World Of Warcraft Classic,[...]
"World Of Warcraft" Plagued With Second Day Of DDoS Attacks
And it's not just regular 'ol WoW, the WoW Classic servers have been hit as well, causing multiple failures, timeouts, people being kicked, and exceedingly long wait times. Credit: Blizzard The trouble started yesterday afternoon when the server started getting hit hard and players complained of not being able to even access the queue That led to[...]
The Original WoW Team Looks At "World Of Warcraft Classic"
The company snagged some of the original designers who were a part of the first WoW team to check out the classic version coming out soon Those designers include Alex Afrasiabi, Tom Chilton, Jeff Kaplan, Pat Nagle, and Aaron Keller. credit//Blizzard You can watch the video here and see how all of them react to the design[...]
Blizzard Reveals Itemization Plans for World of Warcraft Classic Server
So, players can grow alongside WoW all over again. In the past few weeks, Blizzard has been detailing the different aspects of World of Warcraft Classic on the MMO's forum, so fans can know exactly what to expect when the server launches later this year The latest forum post takes a look at the itemization system for the[...]
World of Warcraft Classic Will be Available to All With a WoW Account
The game will be a throwback title to the way WoW used to play when it was released over 14 years ago Details about what WoW Classic will have included, as those details will be released over the weekend during the convention But it's nice to know that it will be included free for those[...]