DuckTales Episode 1 Review: A Great Introduction For Old Fans And New

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DuckTales is back! I have been wishing for this day since I was eight years old. I was a pretty big fan of the original DuckTales when I was a kid, and of the ducks in general. The sense of adventure, mixed with humor and awesome voice talent captured my imagination — man, it was one of the best cartoons out there. When the reboot was announced, it instantly jumped to my most-anticipated list. The fact that I have a 5-year-old daughter to share it with helps, too.


The kick-off special works as both an introduction to the characters and as a first adventure for our group of heroes. We open with the boys helping Donald get ready for a job interview. Little does Donald know, they are planning on having an adventure while he's gone.

Having no other option, he decides to see if good ole Scrooge McDuck will watch them. Once there, the boys meet Webby Vanderquack, Mrs. Beakly, and Launchpad McQuack, and proceed to explore the Scrooge mansion. They accidentally unleash a ghost and a gold-eating dragon, and end up stopping the threats with the help of Scrooge, who has his adventurous nature awakened by the boys, as he decides to bring the troop on a quest to find the lost city of Atlantis.

I will stop there so as not to spoil any further, but man did we enjoy this. The show perfectly blends the classic series and characters with modern sensibilities, and right from the get go I had a smile on my face that never left. I was very impressed with how they didn't just make this a nostalgia act; it has a very modern feel to it. Jokes fly fast and furious, and the animation style has a cool Batman: The Animated Series/manga style to it that I fell in love with instantly. And the theme song! It is back, and it is just like the show: it makes the classic feel modern and updated.

A cartoon is only as strong as its voice cast, and they brought a doozy with them for this one. Featuring David Tennant (Scrooge McDuck), Danny Pudi (Huey), Ben Schwartz (Dewey), Bobby Moynihan (Louie), Kate Micucci (Webby Vanderquack), Beck Bennett (Launchpad McQuack), Toks Olagundoye (Mrs. Beakley) and Tony Anselmo (Donald Duck), they bring such an joyful sound to the proceedings, with Tennant especially game.

Scrooge McDuck is the most important character on the show, and with Tennant's strong Scottish accent, he nails it. All three nephews are also great, the standout to me being Schwartz as Dewey. He gets a lot of the one-liners, so I naturally gravitate there (plus: Jean-Ralphio). But both my daughter and myself loved Webby the most. Her go-go attitude and enthusiasm was a welcome version of the character and we hope she stays a focal point going forward.

I really have no complaints about this one. Whether a new fan or a fan from way back, everyone should find something to love here with the DuckTales reboot. But don't take my word for it: watch it for yourself right here!

DuckTales will have its series premiere Saturday, September 23rd. Episodes also be available on both the Disney XD app and Disney XD video-on-demand channel as they air.

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