Edge Announces He'll Enter the Royal Rumble, Quotes Henry Ford

Edge will return this weekend at the Royal Rumble, the WWE legend revealed on tonight's episode of Monday Night Raw. Edge has been out of action since tearing his tricep during The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever (but not of the year, as it lost the Slammy) at Backlash 2020. That injury, unfortunately, happened just a few months after Edge returned at last year's Royal Rumble. On the bright side, at least he gets a do-over.

Edge appears on WWE Raw to announce he'll enter the Royal Rumble and win back the WWE Championship
Edge appears on WWE Raw to announce he'll enter the Royal Rumble and win back the WWE Championship

From our full Raw recap, which is currently in progress, here's what Edge had to say in his promo announcing he'll enter the Royal Rumble:

Promo: Edge

Edge cuts a promo, inspired by 2020, about seizing the moment. He talks about winning the championship and then forfeiting it to retire. Then he talks about his mom and wanting to be a wrestler. Then about his comeback. This promo is all over the place. He talks about Randy Orton and his mom some more and then announces he's entering the Royal Rumble. He says the window closes for him more and more every day, so he needs to win the Rumble, main event WrestleMania, and take back the title. He says he has to do it because dreamers and fighters make the world a magical place. Then he quotes Henry Ford and the Little Engine That Could.

Weird promo. But also kinda good?

Indeed it was, Jude.

Thanks, Jude


Anyway, I've got to get back to watching Asuka vs. Alexa and finishing that recap, so let's wrap this up. Watch a video of Edge's promo here. Check back in about ten minutes for Bleeding Cool's full WWE Raw report. The Royal Rumble happens this Sunday, January 31st on the WWE Network.

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