Fanboy Wrampage: Dolph Ziggler Calls Ryback Unsafe Worker

Another day, another pair of wrestling personalities duking it out on the grandest stage of them all. No, not WrestleMania. Twitter. This time around, it's former WWE superstar Ryback taking on current WWE superstar Dolph Ziggler. The whole thing started over a bottle of hot sauce, as Ryback responded to a tweet recommending a particular brand by saying, "I've had more heat walking by @HEELZiggler flirting with Plug in any random diva 💁‍♀️ asking if we're going for @hooters after the show."

Otis vs. Dolph Ziggler – Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: SmackDown, May 1, 2020, courtesy of WWE.
Otis vs. Dolph Ziggler – Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: SmackDown, May 1, 2020, courtesy of WWE.

Ziggler soon responded to the tweet, writing, "Woooo the 'random diva' even complimented your massive forearms! well the one, anyway." Ryback responded, "Had to have been the one that knocked you out when you 'forgot' to duck. Still baffles me to this day a guy with your neck width crumbled so easily, but shooters all have their weaknesses."

Ziggler went for the kill at that point, tweeting, "I did whatever I could to get out of a Ryback match, only getting hit once. It was the safe thing to do & not breach my contract. Plus they said being in the ring with you, counted as community service. ps: feel free to google the word 'safe.'" However, The Big Guy quickly fired back to say, "I googled safe and got this image???" and posted a stock image of a man choking a woman. Uh… Ryback then followed up with a photo of himself and Ziggler together in happier times.

Since Ziggler didn't reply after that, is it safe to assume that Ryback won the feud? Not so fast, jabronie marks without a life that don't know it a work when you work a work and work yourself into a shoot, marks. When fans began taking sides, Ryback turned on them and said, "Or realize it's two friends having fun laughing at people like you. Winking face Good Luck in life buddy and try not to worry what the successful are doing too much, it's only taking away from you helping yourself win, if that point ever comes for you." He also responded to a fan calling Ziggler and CM Punk losers by replying, "Dolph isn't a loser."

So who came out on the bottom of this feud. You, the fans. And CM Punk. And Ryback continues to reign supreme.

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