Fox Proves X-Men Show "Gifted" Not A Hoax With Photo Of Bryan Singer Directing Amy Acker


A lot of the news cycle over the past few months has been taken up by Fox's live action X-Men TV series from showrunner Matt Nix with a pilot directed by Bryan Singer, tentative titled "The Gifted." The show has been on the front lines of a casting war pitting Fox against rivals Marvel Television, as each show traded casting announcements in an attempt to upstage the other and settle an age-old conflict that began when Fox bought the X-Men rights back in the 1990s. Unlike Marvel's Inhumans, however, for which we've seen no physical evidence of its existence and which, for all we know, could be part of an experimental psy-ops campaign by Marvel Chairman and close Donald Trump advisor Ike Perlmutter, Fox has offered proof that their X-Men show is a real thing in the form of a photo of Singer directing Amy Acker posted to Twitter by producer Lauren Shuler Donner:

While it's possible that Fox has simply rented out a soundstage and hired Singer and Acker to pretend to be filming a show as part of a misinformation campaign meant to destabilize Perlmutter's forces, the more likely scenario is that this show is really in the process of being made. It looks like it's Ike Perlmutter's move now. When we will see photographic evidence of an Inhumans show? The ball is in your court, Ike.

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