Let's Talk About Game Of Thrones s7e5, "Eastwatch"

Tonight, HBO delivered Game Of Thrones season 7 episode 5, "Eastwatch".  While not as jam packed with action as last week's episode, and let's be honest, few things could be, "Eastwatch" delivered.

Anyhow, this is when we give you the readers the chance to click away if you haven't watched the most recent episode, if you really DON'T want to know what happened, or if you just don't want to keep reading. ESPECIALLY if you don't want to know what Gilly said.

Click away now if you're not caught up.

Let's Talk About Game Of Thrones s7e5, "Eastwatch"

No really, you should probably not read any further if you care about big giant Game Of Thrones spoilers.

Let's Talk About Game Of Thrones s7e5, "Eastwatch"

Jaime and Bronn are alive, shocking everyone.  Well, mostly everyone, proving again that Bronn may be one of the most capable warriors in Westeros.  "Listen, until I get what I'm owed, no one gets to kill you but me."  Somehow, because apparently everyone can instant travel this season, Jaime and Bronn arrive back in the Red Keep still covered with the ash and dirt from the Loot Train attack. Bronn continued to prove his….independence in the episode by bringing Jaime face to face with Tyrion for the first time since the Imp committed patricide.  Tyrion brought with him a warning, directly from Bran and his eyes beyond The Wall, that death marches towards Eastwatch By The Sea.

How did Tyrion make it to King's Landing you ask? Why none other than our favorite Onion Knight Davos and the smallest boat to make the trip IN A SINGLE DAY from Dragonstone. Seriously, this season should be titled "everyone is able to travel anywhere in a single day always". Even though yes, the real reason for the trip to the capitol was to have Tyrion deliver the Walking Dead news to his siblings, Davos obviously had another motivation.

After dropping Tyrion off on the beach, Davos headed down to Flea Bottom and the Street of Steel after a certain black of hair young man we haven't seen in a long time.  "I thought you might still be rowing," Davos says to Gendry, who looks surprisingly like Christian Bale from the end of The Prestige. He's obviously been doing pretty well for himself, and made it back safely from Dragonstone. Davos explains to him what's happening, and Gendry grabs his war hammer and joins the team.

Cersei and Jaime have another face to face, as he tells her about the Loot Train attack, and the meeting with Tyrion.  Cersei reveals to her brother that "oh, by the way, we're going to have another kid so lets not f*ck up the rest of the kingdom before then, ok?"

Back at Winterfell, Arya watches Sansa holding down the North with mixed feelings.  She knows her sister is doing well, but at the same time tells her not to let the other lords disrespect their brother in his absence.  Sansa counters rather well, that disrespecting those same lords in turn could cost Jon their men. Arya then witnesses an exchange with Littlefinger receiving a message, one that is "the only copy at Winterfell", and contained some juicy information. She sneaks into his room, reads and steals the message, and locks the door behind her never seeing Petyr watching her from the shadows.  Did he plant it?  Maybe.

Dany has returned from the Loot Train attack to Dragonstone, and Jon Snow shows exactly what he DOES know- beasts.  Namely, Drogon not eating him outright when Jon reached out to touch him.  This is only a part of the Jon-centric importance of the episode, but it does play into the thing that Gilly reveals at the Citadel. Dany is impressed by Jon's interaction with her largest child, but the moment is short lived by Jorah showing up, alive and well.  Jon gets a message from Bran about the movement of the Night King's army, and Jorah decides to leave to go beyond the wall to grab a walker and bring it to Kings Landing to show Cersei exactly what the problem is. Jon goes too, along with Davos and Gendry.

Another faster than light boat trip later, the band (Jon, Jorah, Davos, Gendry) arrives up at Eastwatch By The Sea, the Night's Watch castle where Tormund Giantsbane is currently lord. Held in the super cold dungeon of Eastwatch are none other than the remaining members of The Brotherhood; The Hound, Thoros of Myr, and Beric Dondarrion.  This of course doesn't sit well with Gendry, who if you remember was sold by the Brotherhood to Melisandre (still one of the weirdest non-book things to happen in the show), and he's rightfully still pissed off about it.  The men all decide they are on the same side, and should go together to get the White Walker to bring to Cersei.

Let's Talk About Game Of Thrones s7e5, "Eastwatch"
Ok guys, but WHAT GILLY SAID.  Gilly and Sam are studying hard at The Citadel, and she drops some pretty big news.  She mentions casually that Septon Maynard issued an annulment of marriage for Prince Rhaegar Targaryen, so he could set aside Elia Martell of Dorne, his wife.  She goes on to say that Rhaegar got married again, right afterwards.  This more than likely means that Rhaegar married Lyanna Stark, making Jon Snow LEGITIMATE and actual heir to the throne.  Big. News.

Tyrion surveying the aftermath of the battle, the ash covered fields where nothing moves save the Dothraki scavengers of the dead.

Let's Talk About Game Of Thrones s7e5, "Eastwatch"

Once again showing exactly what Jon Snow DOES know (namely how to talk to beasts)

Let's Talk About Game Of Thrones s7e5, "Eastwatch" Let's Talk About Game Of Thrones s7e5, "Eastwatch" Let's Talk About Game Of Thrones s7e5, "Eastwatch" Let's Talk About Game Of Thrones s7e5, "Eastwatch" Let's Talk About Game Of Thrones s7e5, "Eastwatch" Let's Talk About Game Of Thrones s7e5, "Eastwatch"


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