Gangs of London: Sky, AMC Series Renewed for Bloody Third Season

Gangs of London, the hit Sky series co-produced by AMC Studios in the US, has been renewed for a third season. This comes just a month after season two was released in the UK. The second season is currently released every Thursday on AMC+ in the US.

Gangs of London Season Two Premieres on AMC+ on November 17th
"Gangs of London" CR: AMC

Gangs of London is a very loose adaptation of the cult and increasingly obscure Sony PSP game of the same title. Series creator and former showrunner and director Gareth Evans turned it into the one show on television anywhere that is pure pulp gangster action. Action director Corin Hardy, who directed several episodes in season one, took over as showrunner of season two while also directing several episodes. There is so far no news of whether Hardy will return as showrunner for season three.

The series stars Sope Dìrísù as undercover cop Elliot Finch who infiltrates the Wallace crime family after their patriarch is assassinated in season one. Joe Cole plays Sean Wallace, the ruthless heir apparent to the family who wants to bring down his father's murderer and establish himself as the new King of the syndicate of gangs that run the city. Season 2 continued to drop major revelations as the brutal power struggle between London's organized crime syndicates continued. Spoiler: at the end of season one, Elliot Finch shot Sean Wallace in the face to maintain his cover, and everyone has assumed Cole's character had been "Sean Bean'd." Turns out he's alive after all! Surprise! Apparently, if you get shot in the face and not the head, you can survive! That was established by Al Pacino in Sidney Lumet's police corruption movie Serpico back in the 1970s. Gangs of London certainly wears its genre influences on its sleeve.

The news of the renewal was first confirmed with a short video on Twitter, which saw bullet holes appearing in a red backdrop alongside the caption: "News just in, gangsters… #GangsOfLondon series 3 is confirmed."

Gangs of London is really an excuse to have massive, gratuitously bloody action setpieces where people burst like balloons filled with claret when hit by barrages of machine gun bullets. The age of CGI effects means productions don't have to lose time sticking squibs and blood bags to actors now when they can just add the blood spurts and explosions of claret in postproduction with the actors just acting at getting shot. In the US, you can stream Gangs of London on AMC+.

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