What Nintendo Revealed On The March 2020 Indie World Direct Stream

What Nintendo Revealed On The March 2020 Indie World Direct Stream

Which includes Blair Witch, Ghost of a Tale, Sky, Sky Rocket, Superliminal, Wingspan, Dicey Dungeons, Bounty Battle, and Moving Out The final game they showed off coming to the Switch is one a lot of people have been looking forward to seeing, as Exit The Gungeon will be on the way, picking up where Enter[...]

Sky and Johnny Have Soulmate Troubles in Fantastic Four #20 [Preview]

Sky and Johnny Have Soulmate Troubles in Fantastic Four #20 [Preview]

Sky, Johnny Storm's alien soulmate (how many alien soulmates does this guy have?!).Unfortunately, though the relationship is still in the honeymoon phase, these two have recently gone through a rough patch, when the Fantastic Four basically destroyed Spyrian society and Sky gave Johnny the cold shoulder.Nevertheless, she's decided to travel back to Earth with him..[...]

Preacher's Dominic Cooper to Lead Comedy Series 'Peacock' for Sky One

Looks like Preacher's Dominic Cooper is taking a break from "The Search for God" to spend some time in the gym, with the actor set to lead new comedy series Peacock for Sky One Written and directed by People Just Do Nothing's Steve Stamp and Ben Murray, the pilot introduces viewers to Andy Peacock (Cooper), a[...]

A Discovery of Witches: Sky One Renews Supernatural Drama for Two Seasons

Now that Sky has discovered just how much viewers are enjoying their series adaptation of Deborah Harkness' "All Souls Trilogy," the British pay-television giant has ordered an additional two seasons of the hit supernatural drama A Discovery of Witches Starring Matthew Goode (Watchmen, Downton Abbey) and Teresa Palmer (Hacksaw Ridge), the Bad Wolf-produced series proved to[...]

Spoiler Crimes, High Fidelity Reboot, Hogan's "All Wrestlers Matter" Problem, and More [The Weekly Static s01e34]

Presidential Election ( know you want to...) and a "pirate" television station broadcasting "The Resistance" from international waters. Hogan Responds to Mark Henry, Apologizes to “All Wrestlers” for Racist RantJesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert!: A Night of Heavenly HighlightsThe Walking Dead: Read Carl’s Letter to Rick from This Week’s Episode [SPOILERS]Disney Eyes ‘High Fidelity’-Inspired[...]

Sean Bean Gets Properly Fast, Furious in Sky's Racing Drama 'Curfew'

[caption id="attachment_638887" align="aligncenter" width="450"] Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls [Public domain], Wikimedia Commons[/caption]Moving ahead with a project that the network is hoping is more "Gumball Rally via Fast and the Furious" and less The Cannonball Run, British broadcaster Sky is moving ahead with futuristic racing drama Curfew.The eight-episode series stars Sean Bean (Game of Thrones) and Malachi[...]

Gangs Of London: The Raid's Gareth Evans Sets Series For Cinemax, Sky

Set to launch in 2019 on HBO’s Cinemax and Sky Atlantic, Evans and Matt Flannery (Downton Abbey) are set to direct the series and will also handle scriptwriting, alongside Peter Berry, Clare Wilson, and Joe Murtagh.Variety reports exclusively that the series is set in a modern London as it is becoming torn apart by power struggles involving a[...]

Netflix Lands U.K. Mystery-Thriller Series 'Harlan Coben's The Five'

The series was produced and is set in the U.K., where it was originally broadcast on pay-TV service Sky: "When they were twelve years old, Mark (Tom Cullen), Pru (Sarah Solemani), Danny (O-T Fagbenle) and Slade (Lee Ingleby) were out together in the park Mark’s five-year-old brother, Jesse, was annoying them They were mean – told[...]

'A Discovery Of Witches': Matthew Goode, Teresa Palmer Join Sky Series

Sky 1 has found its leads for their series adaptation of Deborah Harkness' novel A Discovery of Witches, announcing that Matthew Goode (Watchmen) and Teresa Palmer (Hacksaw Ridge) will star in the supernatural romantic drama series Juan Carlos Medina (Painless, upcoming The Limehouse Golem) will direct the series from an adaptation by showrunner Kate Brooke[...]

German Network Airs Twin Peaks Episode Early, Vortex Fields Blamed

In a move that could either make the late, great (and top-half-of-his-head-missing) William Hastings (Matthew Lillard) proud or be a page out of a David Lynch-approved viral marketing campaign, German network Sky Deutschland confirmed that it had broadcast an upcoming episode of Twin Peaks: The Return a week early.Standing as one of Europe’s largest pay TV[...]

Report: Rupert Murdoch's Plans To Completely Control Sky In Europe On Track

Watch out, citizens of Europe! 21st Century Fox is looking to control the sky, and the European Commission may be willing to hand it over to them!To be clear, no corporate entity should be allowed to control the sky It belongs to all of us We here at Bleeding Cool certainly aren't going to stand[...]

Sky Pulls Controversial Urban Myths Episode

Sky has announced that it will not air an upcoming episode of Urban Myths that has Joseph Fiennes playing Michael Jackson The announcement came after the release of a trailer for the series showed Fiennes as the King of Pop was released and received a huge backlash from the Jackson family The official statement reads: We have taken[...]

Today, A Hulkbuster Comes To Old London Town

Satellite broadcaster Sky TV has a set up at the Millennium Dome, or the O2, in London You know, the one that James Bond slid down once.Part media experience, part plug for Sky, it's hosted the Iron Man virtual experience, a be-a-newsreader experience, that kind of thing.Well, now it has a Hulkbuster.Cosplayer Thomas DePetrillo visited[...]

Yonderland, A British TV Series To Utterly Fall In Love With

So the cast and crew created a new show, for Sky TV, called Yonderland A fantasy series about Debbie, a mother of a normal English house who finds herself summoned as the Chosen One to sort out a fantasy land being threatened by evil Fitting into the Gulliver's Travels mode of allegory, she does so[...]

Dominik Moll's The Tunnel Is A Remake Of Swedish-Danish Thriller The Bridge

Britain's Sky and France's Canal Plus are teaming up to rework the Swedish-Danish co-production, The Bridge That story started with the discovery of a dead body exactly half way across the bridge between Sweden and Denmark, this victim thereby being in both countries at once, giving both jurisdiction.As you'd guess, the Anglo-French do-over will put[...]

New NBC Dracula Series Promises Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Implies Steampunk and Sex

NBC Universal and Sky Living have announced they'll be co-producing a new TV series, Dracul' starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers Superficially, the only surprising move is exactly how long it's taken for everyone other than HBO and The CW to realize that vampires are sparkly TV gold right now, and the use of the word 'provocative'[...]