Ginger Snaps: The Brilliant Abject Horror Of Adapting Film for TV

The horror cult classic film, Ginger Snaps, that spawned two sequels after its' 2000 release, has found a home in television with the help of Sid Gentle Films. The film starred Emily Perkins and Katharine Isabelle, as the two macabre-obsessed sisters, Ginger and Brigette, in the midst of Canadian suburbia.  The unique tale of the abject horrors of puberty for many women, combined with the classic monster visuals, made for a detour in the horror genre. Many directors and artists have explored the hidden lines of horror that weave in and out of suburban environments in film and television. What has made Ginger Snaps so iconic is how at the beginning of a new era it seemed to subvert the genre it wished to inhabit. Horror had been filled with the "final girl" tropes and agency lost to the utter violence seen mostly to female and POC characters.

Ginger Snaps is coming to television (Image: Copperheart Entertainment)
Ginger Snaps is coming to television (Image: Copperheart Entertainment)

The Fitzgerald sisters make their way through their suburban lives on the edges of socially acceptable behavior according to the men, and even women, around them. But in the same breath, their characters show the toxicity of women judging one another but in a relatable stroke of genius. The themes of growth and puberty for the average woman are set to be explored in the series adaptation. The fears of change for women presented as scary or even referred to as "the curse" by society, they are addressed by the sisters and the film with the use of physical monstrosity. It shows how much easier it is for people in the world to accept the fantastical terror of a werewolf in comparison to the normalcy of menstruation and sexual freedom for women.

There's a lot to look forward to when a cult favorite is set for being adapted to television, alongside a current take on the monstrous and societally shamed topic of menstruation. Each viewer will come away from watching the film, and the eventual TV series, in a variety of ways due to what they bring to the table when viewing a piece of media. Many films have inspired the next step in producing an adaptation of the material, but not all succeed in doing so. There's hope in this Ginger Snaps project, from the female writer, to the production involvement of the original director, and to the creative forces behind a show like Killing Eve.

I have a great amount of excitement after learning about the news recently. In the past, I studied this film, among many others, and discussed women in horror as it relates to Ginger Snaps and how feminine characteristics and experiences are seen. This film and plotline paved the way for other classics like Jennifer's Body and brought pride to classics before it such as Scream, Carrie, and A Nightmare On Elm Street. Personally, this brings me a lot of hope for the horror genre and the women involved in it. Let us know if you're excited for a Ginger Snaps series and what you hope to see from it!

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