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Hawkeye: Arrow Star Stephen Amell Offers Kate Bishop Left-Handed Love

Yesterday, Marvel Studios and Disney+ made a lot of folks happy with the news that the Hailee Steinfeld and Jeremy Renner-starring Hawkeye is taking aim at Wednesday, November 24, for its debut. To accompany the news, folks were given the first official look at Steinfeld's Kate Bishop and Renner's Clint Barton together. To say that the universe acted pretty positively toward the news would be an understatement (and a rare moment of positivity on social media). In fact, Arrow and Heels star Stephen Amell even took to Twitter to offer his two cents- but the man who portrayed a superhero archer on screen for eight seasons (and nearly a ninth) was impressed for a very specific reason. That's right, he wants folks to know that he appreciates seeing another left-handed archer getting a chance to make it big on the small screen- and he took to Twitter to let all of us know.

Image: Marvel Studios/The CW

Here's a look at Amell's tweet, proving that the bond between left-handed archers is strong enough to even bring the Marvel and DC universes together for one bright, shining Twitter moment:

And for those of you who think the Arrow star is jumping on the pro-left-handed archers' bandwagon, here's a little reminder that Amell's been preaching that gospel since 2018 via a previous tweet:

Renner shared some thoughts about how he views Kate from Clint's perspective with EW. "[Kate is] a 22-year-old kid and she's a big Hawkeye fan," Renner reveals. "She has a wonderfully annoying and equally charming manner about her because she's such a fangirl of Hawkeye. The relationship grows from that, but the biggest problem for Clint is Kate Bishop and the onslaught of problems that she brings into his life."

But as much as Clint may be taking on the role of "begrudging mentor" to Kate, Renner was more than happy to help Steinfeld get adjusted to working in the MCU. "That was always my role. Outside of acting in the thing, I was protecting her and giving her the CliffsNotes on how it goes with this kind of filmmaking: Green screen, superhero life, all that stuff," Renner explained. "I just wanted to protect her, because there's a lot of physical stuff. She's a wonderful actress, a wonderful human, and I can't wait to see all the cool stuff that she's able to do."

Hawkeye logo (Image: Disney+/Marvel Studios)
Hawkeye logo (Image: Disney+/Marvel Studios)

Renner and Steinfeld are being joined by a pretty impressive line-up of names. Vera Farmiga (Bates Motel) is attached to play Eleanor Bishop, mother of Kate Bishop (Steinfeld), while Fra Fee (The Spanish Princess) is set to play Kazi (most likely short for Kazimierz Kazimierczak) aka mercenary villain Clown in the comics. Tony Dalton's (Better Call Saul) Jack Duquesne (aka Swordsman?), a possible mentor for Hawkeye who has lived on both sides of the law throughout this comic book career. Florence Pugh will reprise the role of spy and assassin Yelena Belova, sister of Black Widow, from the Scarlett Johansson-starring film Black Widow. Alaqua Cox's Maya Lopez (aka Echo) is a deaf Native American who is capable of perfectly copying another person's movements, making her a formidable fighter. Zahn McClarnon's (Barkskins) William Lopez is expected to be a take on Maya's father Willie "Crazy Horse" Lincoln from the comics.

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