Inside Man: BBC Previews David Tennant, Stanley Tucci Crime Miniseries

Inside Man is the new 4-part thriller from former Doctor Who showrunner and Sherlock co-creator Steven Moffat that's coming to BBC One in the UK and Netflix worldwide next year. It stars David Tennant as a vicar in a small English town, Stanley Tucci as a US inmate on death row who's the "inside man" of the title, and a math teacher trapped in a cellar whose lives become linked in an unexpected way.

Inside Man: BBC Teases David Tennant, Stanley Tucci Crime Miniseries
David Tennant in "Inside Man", courtesy of BBC

BBC One and Netflix have released a selection of new images of the upcoming miniseries. Other cast includes Dolly Wells, Lydia West (a possible next Doctor Who or companion), Lyndsey Marshal, Atkins Estimond (currently seen in Starz' Hightown), Mark Quarterly, Tilly Vosburgh, Louis Oliver (from Netflix' Midnight Mass), Kate Dickie and Dylan Baker.

Inside Man: BBC Teases David Tennant, Stanley Tucci Crime Miniseries
Stanley Tucci in "Inside Man", BBC

Steven Moffat, the creator and writer, and Sue Vertue, Executive Producer for Hartswood Films said, "This is the best ensemble we've ever had the chance to work with. It's a rare privilege to see scripts come to life as beautifully as this."

Inside Man: BBC Teases David Tennant, Stanley Tucci Crime Miniseries
Dolly Wells in "Inside Man", BBC

Ben Irving, Commissioning Editor of BBC Drama, said, "Steven Moffat has created another brilliantly original and darkly playful series in Inside Man and it's no surprise that it has attracted such an extraordinary cast. This will be a 'must-watch' when it lands on BBC One and iPlayer next year."

Inside Man: BBC Teases David Tennant, Stanley Tucci Crime Miniseries
Lydia West with Tucci in "Inside Man", BBC

Chris Sussman, Head of UK Original Series at Netflix said, "We're delighted to team up with the BBC on another brilliant series from the ingenious mind of Steven Moffat. It's impossible to say too much about Inside Man without giving away spoilers – so let's just say the scripts are fiendishly clever, the cast is fantastic and at this point in time nobody but Steven knows how it's going to end. We're thrilled to continue our fruitful partnership with BBC One, BBC Studios and Hartswood Films and are excited about bringing this series to a global audience."

We can expect Inside Man to be full of flashy and clever twists and turns as we now expect from Moffat.

Inside Man will premiere next year on BBC One and BBC iPlayer in the UK and on Netflix outside of the UK and Ireland after its initial TV broadcast.

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