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Kid Rock, Tucker Carlson Not Doing Indicted Donald Trump Any Favors

In light of the indictments against Donald Trump, folks are revisiting a 2022 interview between then-FOX News'(?) Tucker Carlson & Kid Rock.

Speaking with CNN earlier this week, Donald Trump's attorney Jim Trusty confirmed that Trump was indicted on seven counts in Special Counsel Jack Smith's probe into Trump's handling of classified material. Well, turns out Trusty (who would go on to resign as Trump's legal counsel) was off – by quite a bit. Because on Friday, ahead of Smith's press conference into the matter, the indictment was unsealed, and it turns out Trump is being charged with 37 felony counts (31 counts of violating the Espionage Act and another six counts that include obstruction of justice & false statements – check out the indictment in full here. As the Justice Department sees it, prosecutors have more than enough evidence of Trump not only possessing classified documents after his run as POTUS had wrapped but also that he actively engaged in obstructing Federal agents' efforts as they were attempting to retrieve any remaining documents. In the indictment, two examples are offered of times when Trump was allegedly having conversations with individuals involving classified materials that were reportedly present. In addition, photographic evidence was offered, showing classified materials being stored at Mar-a-Lago in areas that were easily accessible. And that's not even touching upon Trump's alleged effort to hide documents after the Feds came a-calling. So what does this have to do with Kid Rock and ex-FOX "News" host Tucker Carlson? Maybe nothing… maybe something…

Kid Rock, Tucker Carlson Not Doing Indicted Donald Trump Any Favors
KID ROCK, FAKE DONALD TRUMP, SNL's TUCKER CARLSON (Image: FOX News YouTube Screencap, Jimmy Kimmel Live! Screencap, SNL Screencap)

In the unsealed indictment, there's a section with an allegation that reads, "In August or September 2021, at The Bedminster Club, Trump showed a representative of his political action committee who did not possess a security clearance a classified map related to a military operation." Okay, got that? Now, let's take a trip back to 2022 for an interview that Carlson did with Rock for FOX "News." At one point during the interview (1:40 mark in the video below), Rock shared what went on during one of the times that he was spending some quality time with Trump: "We're looking at maps and s***, and I'm like, 'Am I supposed to be in on this s—?' I make dirty records sometimes. 'What do you think we should do about North Korea?' I'm like, 'What? I don't think I'm qualified to answer this.'" While there's nothing to confirm that the two things are directly connected, it's definitely gotten the attention of social media in a very big way.

And let's not forget that Trump's legal problems are only continuing to grow. As Smith continues investigating the role that Trump played during the January 6th riot (a bunch of sore losers attacked the U.S. Capitol in an effort to overturn the 2020 POTUS election), Trump is also facing an investigation in Georgia over his alleged efforts to impact 2020 POTUS voting in the state. And let's not forget about April 2023, when Trump was indicted on 30 state felony charges connected to payments made to porn star Stormy Daniels to guarantee her silence ahead of the 2016 POTUS election. For now, Trump is due in Miami on Tuesday, June 13th, for his arraignment.

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