Legends Of Tomorrow Season 3, Episode 6 Recap: Helen Hunt

This article contains spoilers for the DC's Legends of Tomorrow season three episode – Helen Hunt.

Legends of Tomorrow

The team heads to 1937 to deal with an anachronism in Hollywood. Turns out Helen of Troy has landed in Tinseltown and is making quiet a splash — enough to cause a war between the studios with people really dying. Helen has an affect on every man she meets, so most of the men on the team are useless — except for Martin, who has a crush on Hedy Lamar instead. But Martin has his own problems, as part of their attempt to stabilize the Firestorm matrix in Jax alone has caused them to switch bodies. This leads to some pretty funny scenes of Jax dealing with the ravages of old age, but it also continues to lay the groundwork for Martin to leave the team.

Besides the 'Freaky Friday' Firestorm, with Helen taking the job from Hedy, she never gets the chance to be a star nor the ability to focus on her love of science — and a lot of the ship runs on the theories that she put forth. (Really, an amazing woman.) And there is the appearance of Damien Darhk, his daughter Eleanor, and Kuasa. They really need a group name. Darhk asks for parlay to offer the Legends a chance to go back to their own time and stay out of it. They of course refuse, Martin works to get Hedy back into Hollywood, and Darhk attacks.

Hedy theorizes that they should still be able to stabilize the Firestorm matrix regardless of who is in control of which body, and we get to see Firestein for a few minutes before separating back into their proper bodies. Amaya learns that Kuasa is her granddaughter. Sara and Damien go toe-to-toe and she wins, only to have Eleanor start to leach away her life essence — but Firestorm saves her. And the Darhks are chased off.

The episode ends with them taking Helen back to her time — except she doesn't want to go back to all of the war and fighting. So Zari comes up with an alternative idea and drops her off on Themyscira, the home of the Amazons. Not only is this a nice, clear Wonder Woman Easter egg, but where the jumpship lands looks almost identical to where they fought the Germans in the film.

I expected this episode to have more of a sense of purpose after the Rip Hunter revelations last week, but it felt like filler until Darhk showed up. And I'm curious what the big plan is and how it ties to the whole anachronism thing — why would Darhk want Helen of Troy to be out of place in time? Next week we finally get to see the other villain teased this summer by the shows writers… Gorilla Grodd. The team heads to Vietnam in the late 1960s as they hunt a new anachronism. If rumors are true, this may also be a very personal mission for Mick Rory. Will Grodd be part of Mallus's team? That's something we'll have to wait to find out.


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