Legends of Tomorrow Season 4, Episode 6 'Tender is the Nate' Review: Time Bureau Red Tape and Girl Bonding

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Time for another episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow! This week we had to deal with Hank jumping on the Waverider as the Legends justify their continued existence while some shenanigans occur with some of the ladies at the Time Bureau. You can read our full recap right here but as far as a review of the episode goes let's get into it.


As far as episodes go it was a pretty fun one. The Time Bureau plotlines have been very hit or miss this season but the drunk bonding session between Nora, Ava, and Mona was a ton of fun to watch. It was also the first time anyone really addressed that for all the terrible things Nora might have done she might just be a victim on some level. They are doing a great job of giving Nora some depth and her relationship with someone like Ray who might as well be the human manifestation of sunshine is adorable.

As for the Waverider plot, it was nice to see more of Nate in the past and see some more of his relationship with his dad. Anyone who has had to answer to a budget could relate with the idea of keeping the boss happy and trying to present your best work forward. It's not a fun place to be but after the hint last week that Hank could be some sort of villain with his idea of controlling the magical beasts it's interesting to see a different side of him. There was, unfortunately, a lack of Zari and Constantine in this episode which is always a shame since they are two of the best characters.

The idea of Mona as this magical caretaker is an interesting idea and it's good that they are addressing the idea of treating these creatures with some compassion. It's interesting that they are doing in contrast to the fact that no one has addressed how messed up it is that Constantine took away Charlie's shapeshifting powers which, while saving her life and preserving her freedom, is still not exactly compassionate. Maybe they'll address it later in the season but it is very much the elephant in the room at the moment.

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