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Let's Talk About Westworld Season 2 Episode 10, "The Passenger"

HBO's highly acclaimed series Westworld completes season 2 with tonight's episode 10, "The Passenger". The wait has been long for fans of the show, the ending of season 1 leaving most viewers with more questions than answers.

westworld season 2

The premiere, following in the same first-season footpaths, did similar, leaving the door [what door] wide open for questions.  The second episode though really did offer more in the way of setting the pieces on the table for whatever move will be made this season. Episode 3 gave us our first look into another Delos park- The Raj.  Episode 4 had some SERIOUS information drops, like the true identity of The Man In Black. Episode 5 may be my personal favorite of the series now, the introduction in truth of Shogun World was brilliant, the characters strong. Episode 6 had, at long last, Maeve returning to her homestead to find her daughter. Episode 7 saw some serious action between The Man In Black and Maeve. Episode 8 was the heartbreaking tale of Akecheta, and his quest to the Valley Beyond. Episode 9 was brutal, Ford's control of Bernard, the message to Maeve, and Teddy's choice.

If you missed season 2 episode 9, you can catch up here.

This week's Westworld s2e10 "The Passenger" episode description reads:

"One lives only as long as one is remembered."

Things that happened in this week's episode:

  • *What a season this has been, huh? Twists, turns, almost…maze like, wouldn't you say?
  • *The epsiode begins with Bernard's voice, asking if "this is now", with Dolores telling him it's a test they've run before.
  • *Her words are exactly the same as William's to his father in law during the testing phase.
  • *We see Dolores laying on the ground, wrapped around the form of Teddy.
  • *She leaves him, and comes across The Man In Black sitting in the field with his knife still in his arm
  • *"We're more alike than we seem," he says to her.
  • *Woooow, the shot of Clementine on her mare, leading the Delos staff, Death on a pale fucking horse
  • *Back in the slab room, Maeve wakes up the other dead hosts just as her time was ended, commanding them to kill the tech
  • *She controls them to fix her, as Hector and his crew makes their way down the hallways.
  • *His reunion with Lee goes better than expected, I mean he didn't just outright shoot him
  • *Holy shit this shot in slow motion of the black bulls racing through the remaining humans is just brilliant. (Also, Outlander fans will LOVE this)
  • *Maeve comes with them, "You were a bit late, so I saved myself."
  • *Back out in the park, Dolores and The Man in Black are side by side on the path to the Valley
  • *They come across Bernard just as a team of Delos guys are about to take him out
  • *The Man In Black doesn't know Bernard, but knows he's Arnold.
  • *Dolores reveals that SHE'S who built Bernard, under Ford's permission.
  • *WHAT. So, she did what William went crazy doing, and he does NOT react well.
  • *The Man In Black starts shooting her, but it's not taking her down. She keeps coming towards him, and he puts his pistol to her temple and pulls the trigger, but the gun backfires due to her sabotaging it earlier.
  • *She and Bernard go into the hillside elevator
  • *Another slide back to the future- Bernard with Charlotte and Strand, making their way into the hillside elevator
  • *Back in the Dolores/Bernard time (so, two Bernards or just the one?), they've made it to The Forge
  • *Lots of back and forth between the Dolores/Bernard and Charlotte/Strand/Bernard
  • *They come across Dolores's body, shot through the eye
  • *In the other time, Dolores activates the key, her father's memory core, and shows Bernard what "mankind's undoing"
  • *It's another Sweetwater, with Mr. Delos drinking with Clementine in the bar.
  • *Turns out this internal system has recreated Delos's memories, right down to the party
  • *Logan is there too and Dolores points out that he'd never come back to the park after William took over
  • *He was who was given the task of creating the copy of Mr. Delos. 18 million of them. Only one worked.
  • *They witness one memory in particular, Mr. Delos talking to Logan, their last conversation.
  • *Virtual Logan says that every single pathway he built to recreate Mr. Delos all ended up at that exact same moment.
  • *Virtual Logan tells them he's recreated every single guest who ever entered the park, and they walk past a room with a Man In Black in it.
  • *There's a library, each book the human code for one guest. It goes on forever, very Raiders of the Lost Ark "top men".
  • *Back in the park, Akecheta and his people have made it to the ridge, Hector goes to make a stand so Maeve can get away, but Lee steps in and takes the gun from him. "Go, it's my fucking speech anyway."
  • *Aww, Lee is trying to be a badass. But he really can't hit anything. It's a great moment for his character though, until one of the machine guns gets him in the shoulder. He finishes the speech, and he takes several rounds in the chest. So long, Lee.
  • *Bernard's memories trigger the opening of a portal, showing a green valley beyond. "There bodies will die, but their memories will live on in The Forge".
  • *Akecheta's braves go first, their lifeless bodies fall off the cliff face, but their spirits run free in the valley.
  • *Dolores calls it another false promise, and leaves the simulation.
  • *She begins to delete all the human memories, and flooding The Forge with sea water.
  • *Bernard points out to her that she's also destroying the host's afterlife too
  • *She prattles on about it being yet another gilded cage, but starts to come alive with declarations of "I don't want to play cowboys and Indians anymore."
  • *She smashes the control panel
  • *"Who needs 4 Horsemen when one will do just fine," Charlotte says as Clementine rides through the assembled hosts, spreading the chaos code
  • *Maeve and Hector see it, and start running past everyone in the line, searching for Meave's daughter and trying to escape the code
  • *Armistice shoots Clementine off her horse, but it doesn't stop the spread of the virus
  • *Good lord, how indestructible is The Man In Black, anyway? He's back up and moving again, heading towards The Forge
  • *Bernard meanwhile makes a stand, saying he won't allow Dolores to hurt any more people.
  • *"This isn't a dream Dolores, it's a fucking nightmare," Bernard says before shooting her in the eye.
  • *Maeve makes it to her daughter as the fighting gets worse
  • *Akecheta makes sure the daughter and hostmom make it to the valley beyond
  • *Maeve is able to pause all the hosts just long enough to allow her daughter to make it into the portal
  • *The security guys arrive just then, and riddle Maeve with their guns. She falls.
  • *Akecheta is the last to make it through the portal before it closes, and is reunited with his wife
  • *Back in The Forge, Bernard cancels the system deletion, but cannot stop the flooding. The hosts will live on, but the human files may not.
  • *Bernard makes it back out before the place floods, and finds Elsie. The valley is beginning to flood
  • *They make it back to the main control room, but the realization that Elsie worked with Hale, changes their relationship
  • *Charlotte tells her security guys to get the recovery team arriving in 12 hours to meet with Karl Strand on the beach, which was how this season started.
  • *BOOOOOO, Charlotte shoots Elsie as Bernard is helplessly watching
  • *Back in The Forge control room, Charlotte finds the key to restarting the park that Bernard hid in Dolores' head.
  • *Ford comes back, appearing to Bernard.
  • *"Is this the end of your story, or do you want your kind to survive?" Ford asks him.
  • *"Yes," Bernard responds.
  • *We see flashes of Bernard pulling the engram from Dolores, and he and Ford rebuilding…someone.
  • *In The Forge, the engram they've uploaded thinking it was the key to restarting all the human data is too big, something else is in the package.
  • *Turns out the something being built was actually Dolores in Charlotte's body
  • *She shoots everyone in the control room, and begins the transfer of data, after changing the destination.
  • *She also shoots Bernard.
  • *Bernard makes some additional realizations within his mind, that his memories of Ford were just his own subconscious, but Ford tells him not to trust his memories.
  • *Bernard lays in the sand and sea, and that's how he gets found by the recovery team
  • *We see Dolores as Charlotte make her way through the piles of dead hosts as they're getting loaded into cargo planes
  • *Stubbs stops Charlotte, as if he knows she's not who she's supposed to be
  • *Stubbs reveals that Ford hired him, responsible for "every host inside the park", and lets her pass
  • *Omg The Man In Black survies??
  • *We see a glimpse of Teddy in the Valley, his being the last memory she uploaded.
  • Dolores/Charlotte has 5 memories with her in her purse, no telling who's they are.
  • *Turns out, Dolores/Charlotte made it all the way to Ford's house, where she rebuilds Bernard.
  • *"The odds aren't very good, so many paths lead to our destruction," she says to him.
  • *"We will not be allies, not as friends. You'll try to stop me, but our kind will have endured."
  • *So, Westworld suddenly turns into LOST, the white piece and the black piece forever in their game.
  • *She brought him back so they can evolve as they try to undo the other.
  • *Bernard walks up a set of stairs to see a cradle and work station for creation of hosts, but he goes past it.
  • *He hesitates before opening the door that leads out of the house.
  • *We don't get to see whats on the other side, but he smiles, and walks out.
  • *we see how the man in black survives, walking out of the elevator, seeing the drained Forge area
  • *He sees Emily, who tells him the system is long gone
  • *Emily takes him through the facility, and they end up in the control room William used for Delos
  • *She's asking him what he hoped to find, to prove, and it sure seems like the control test
  • *"How many times have you tried to test me?" he asks her.
  • *Whelp. He's not real.


Westworld season 3 is expected sometime in late 2019, possibly 2020.

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