Lobo Confirmed for Krypton Season 2 at SDCC 2018

The Czarnian bounty hunter without a cause is coming to Krypton with season 2. That's right, Lobo himself will rock up to Superman's home planet in the second season of its show.

Lobo art by Alex Horley
Lobo art by Alex Horley

For those who don't know, Lobo is an antihero and sometimes villain for the Man of Steel. He is a super-strong bounty hunter with near-invulnerability and a healing factor (not unlike at least 20 mutant and a dozen non-mutant superheroes). He comes from the planet Czarnia where he killed off his whole species depending on the canon and continuity.

He was created by Keith Giffen and Roger Slifer, first appearing in Omega Men #3. He later joined up with L.E.G.I.O.N/R.E.B.E.L.S. He duked it out with Superman not long after, battling Big Blue to a standstill. He's shown up frequently in DC Comics since then, rejoining R.E.B.E.L.S, fighting Green Lanterns, and being a general nuisance to the heroes of the DCU.

He received a redux s from writer Marguerite Bennett and Ben Oliver, followed by a decently long series with writer Cullen Bunn in the New 52 era of DC Comics.

More recently he joined up with Batman's Justice League of America team (a book written by Steve Orlando), but it wasn't a peaceful tenure by a long shot. He often picked fights with fellow members Atom, Frost, and Black Canary.

Interestingly, he apparently has a daughter named Crush. She is slated to join up with Robin's Teen Titans soon, a book which will be created by Adam Glass and Bernard Chang.

Season 2 of Krypton, the show which shows the struggles of Superman's home planet, will return some time in 2019. It has not yet been revealed which episodes will feature Lobo or how old the bounty hunter will be by this point of the show, but we here at Bleeding Cool will let you know more information when we receive it. So, check back in later.

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