Marvel's Inhumans Season 1, Episode 7 Recap: Havoc In The Hidden Land

This article contains spoilers for the Marvel's Inhumans episode 'Havoc In The Hidden Land'.


We've reached the penultimate episode of Marvel's Inhumans, and for once, a lot happened. They capture Auran and the rest of the Inhumans sent by Maximus to finish off the Royal Family. Then they wrap the corpse of Gorgon up in a white sheet and Black Bolt decides to send a massage to Maximus.

Karnak kills Auran and then Crystal and Lockjaw deliver her and the others to Maximus and request parlay. Maximus accepts. Crystal returns and Lockjaw takes them all, including Dr. Declan to a pre-arranged place and Lockjaw calls out a signal — which tells Triton to come in from the ocean. Yup, Triton is alive.

Lockjaw then teleports them all to the Royal Bunker, a place only Black Bolt and Triton knew about. Medusa is not happy about being kept in the dark about all of this, and tells Black Bolt flat out that she's not just his interpreter and that she wants a say in things. She also doesn't agree with his desire to kill Maximus — that he needs to be a better king than that. Karnak is fine with killing Maximus.

At Parlay, Black Bolt offers to exchange Declan and let Maximus do Terrigenesis again in exchange for returning the kingdom to him. Maximus agrees only long enough to take Declan and then declines. You get the feeling Black Bolt expected this — it was a plan to distract Maximus and then have Triton go after him.

Meanwhile, Karnak has figured out Declan's research (including the flaw) and has an idea to bring Gorgon back to live using Auran's DNA. He goes against Black Bolt's wishes, convinces Auran to help and puts Gorgon's corpse through a second terrigenesis, but nothing happens at first. Triton attacks, drawing Maximus out into the open, takes out his six guards, and then beats Maximus up a bit before locking him into the bunker with Black Bolt. Maximus stops his brother from killing him by telling him that if he dies, the protective barrier over Attlan falls and everyone will die in seconds. We end with Gorgon, alive but seemingly in a mindless rage, about to attack Declan.

There has been some interesting character growth in this series. The characters have changed, become more likable through the experiences on Earth. But we also learn more about Black Bolt this week in that he isn't the passive king that he has appeared to be. He has a lot of plan in play that we are just now starting to see.

The series has many flaws, but it is not without its strengths, too. I've expected Triton to return since he first went into the water, but waiting until episode seven really seems like a budget move more than a story move. Again, this series will be easier to judge in its entirety because of the way it was written.

And we head to the finale next week. We never got the showdown between Black Bolt and Mordis, which is a shame… and since the main villain is basically a human among the super-powered, they'll have to let Maximus go through terrigenesis again and make him a threat or the ending will be like watching a chess game. We'll find out next week and maybe get a setup for the new season of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD.

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