Michael Connelly Updates Bosch: Legacy, The Lincoln Lawyer & More

Michael Connelly is the laureate of Los Angeles crime fiction as the creator of the Harry Bosch books, the hero of Bosch and its sequel Bosch: Legacy; Mickey Haller in The Lincoln Lawyer; and his latest creation, LAPD homicide detective Renee Ballard. In a recent interview to promote his new Bosch and Ballard novel Desert Star, he offered an update on the shows based on his books and stories in an interview with the Tampa Bay Times.

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Bosch: Legacy

Season one of Bosch: Legacy, the sequel to the original Bosch series, follows Harry Bosch (Titus Welliver) after he quit the LAPD in disgust and became a private investigator working for his frenemy lawyer (Mimi Rogers) while his daughter Maddie (Madison Lintz) begins her career as an LAPD beat cop, ended on a cliffhanger. The second season of the show will be based on the Bosch novel The Crossing. Titus Welliver has co-written the ninth episode with Connelly as they did in the first season. No premiere date has been announced yet, but Connelly estimates it will be sometime in 2023.


The Lincoln Lawyer

The first season of The Lincoln Lawyer was watched by 30 million accounts on Netflix, which prompted the streamer to greenlight the second season with its first week of renewal when it usually waited a month to decide whether to renew a show. Manuel Garcia-Rulfo has proven a hit as Mickey Haller, who is canonically the half-brother of Harry Bosch. The second season will update the novel The Fifth Witness for its ten episodes where instead of the housing crisis of the late 2000s, the plot will cover gentrification, and Haller's client will be a chef instead of a schoolteacher. Like Bosch: Legacy, the second season of The Lincoln Lawyer, is currently in production and will premiere sometime in 2023.


Avalon is a new pilot and series being shot for ABC based on Connelly's short story of the same name from the crime anthology When a Stranger Comes to town. Neve Campbell (who also plays Mickey Haller's ex-wife on The Lincoln Lawyer) plays an L.A. Country Sheriff's Department detective exiled to a beat in Avalon, a city on Catalina Island, who has to investigate crimes that hit the popular tourist spot.

"She's assigned to a post on an island that's basically a tourist destination, the kind of assignment for people who have crossed 'The Powers That Be' politically," said Connelly. "They call it freeway therapy, where they give you a job where you're stuck in traffic an hour each way. This is freeway therapy extrapolated to the nth degree because you have to take a boat to go to work."

David E. Kelley wrote the pilot for Avalon and will also be a showrunner along with The Lincoln Lawyer. The pilot has been shot and is currently being tested before production on the first series begins in January 2023. No premiere date has been set for the series yet.

Bosch Universe: Renee Ballard

Connelly has said that he has plans to bring LAPD homicide detective Renee Ballard to television eventually, but so far, she's still in his books, still teaming up with the retired Bosch. Connelly is busy with three other shows, after all.

Bosch: Legacy is streaming on FreeVee. The Lincoln Lawyer is on Netflix.

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