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Bosch: Legacy Season 2: Max Martini to Play New Cop Character
Then Ballard is approached by the Chief of Police, who was impressed by her work and wants to rehire her with the offer to write her own ticket at the LAPD. "Bosch: Legacy" key art, FreeVee Major Changes in Bosch and Ballard's Lives When Desert Star begins, Ballard knocks on Bosch's door to offer him a place as[...]
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Making the BCTV Daily Dispatch menu board today? The CW's The Flash, FX's American Horror Story, NBC's Saturday Night Live, FX's Alien, The CW's Superman & Lois, USA Network's WWE Monday Night Raw, Adult Swim, James Gunn/DCU, Amazon's The Boys/Gen V, FOX's 9-1-1, Disney+'s Ahsoka, Netflix's Monster, Amazon Freevee's Bosch: Legacy, Paramount Network's Yellowstone, BBC's[...]
Bosch: Legacy Season 2: Max Martini to Play New Cop Character
We have some big news to pass along regarding the future of Amazon Freevee and bestselling author Michael Connelly's Titus Welliver-starring Bosch: Legacy With the second season set to hit this fall, the series has been officially renewed for a third season In addition, we also have some serious additions to the Season 2 cast, with David[...]
Bosch: Legacy Season 2: Max Martini to Play New Cop Character
Of course, there's a second season of Bosch: Legacy on the way (possibly this fall) But now, fans can look also forward to spinoff series focused on Detective Jerry Edgar (with Jamie Hector still finalizing a deal to reprise his role that originally played opposite Titus Welliver) as well as on Detective Renee Ballard, who has[...]
Our line-up for this morning includes a lot of love to Amazon's Freevee & Bosch: Legacy for the series wrapping filming on its second season, Netflix's Wednesday & Jenna Ortega getting Golden Globe Awards nomination love, Dave Chappelle & Elon Musk getting the (dis)respect they deserve from the audience, Ryan Murphy & Evan Peters talking[...]
Bosch: Legacy Season 2: Max Martini to Play New Cop Character
Only days after offering a number of updates on how things are going in both the series and literary universes, author Michael Connelly had a very important update to share for fans of Titus Welliver-starring Bosch: Legacy Seven months after the news hit that the series from Amazon's Freevee would be returning for a second[...]
Bosch: Michael Connelly Talks about Spin-off Series
Michael Connelly, the creator of Harry Bosch (the source of the hit Bosch TV series and its sequel Bosch: Legacy), took part in a book club interview with his editor Asya Muchnick on Tuesday night He offered not only insights on the latest Bosch & Ballard novel Desert Star but also some updates on the[...]
Bosch: Michael Connelly Talks about Spin-off Series
Otherwise, we'll see you after our image spoiler buffer… Titus Welliver in "Bosch", now "Bosch: Legacy", photo courtesy of Amazon Studios At the end of the latest Bosch and Ballard novel Desert Star, Connelly revealed that Bosch has terminal cancer and may not have much time left This wasn't a total shock, really, as Connelly has had[...]
Michael Connelly Gives Updates on Bosch: Legacy, Lincoln Lawyer, Avalon
The television series adaptation Bosch on Prime video and its sequel spinoff Bosch: Legacy on FreeVee are immensely popular, but no fictional character can run forever With the latest novel in the series, Connelly may have set in motion his lone wolf detective hero's endgame We look at what that might imply for the TV[...]
Michael Connelly Gives Updates on Bosch: Legacy, Lincoln Lawyer, Avalon
Michael Connelly is the laureate of Los Angeles crime fiction as the creator of the Harry Bosch books, the hero of Bosch and its sequel Bosch: Legacy; Mickey Haller in The Lincoln Lawyer; and his latest creation, LAPD homicide detective Renee Ballard In a recent interview to promote his new Bosch and Ballard novel Desert[...]
Bosch: Legacy Season 2: Max Martini to Play New Cop Character
The second season of Bosch: Legacy will be getting a new cop character played by Max Martini, a veteran of shows like The Unit, Revenge, and The Purge Martini will have a heavily recurring role opposite Titus Welliver's Harry Bosch on the spinoff of the long-running Amazon series now streaming on Freevee. Image: Screencap Bosch: Legacy follows[...]
Bosch: Legacy S02: Michael Connelly Confirms "The Crossing" Storyline
And while we'll get to the video in a minute, we thought you might like to know that the second season of Bosch: Legacy begins filming "later this year" and will be using his 2015 book The Crossing as the main storyline Why is that especially interesting? Check out the official overview below and you'll[...]
Bosch: Legacy: Michael Connelly Promises Renée Ballard TV-Bound & More
As the premiere of Bosch: Legacy looms, fans of author Michael Connelly's books have wondered for years now whether his newer Los Angeles Police Department detective character Renée Ballard would be introduced to the Bosch TV universe At a California Book Club talk where Connelly spoke to Detective Mitzi Roberts, the inspiration for Ballard, he[...]
For Bosch, It's About The "Legacy" He Leaves: IMDb TV Teaser/Poster
When Bosch: Legacy premieres sometime later this year, it will have been two years since ex-LAPD detective Hieronymous "Harry" Bosch (Titus Welliver) handed in his badge and now the focus will be on his career as a private investigator, but he won't be sharing the spotlight alone Because now more than ever, Legacy matters to[...]
First, the star of Amazon Studios' adaptation of Connelly's novels Titus Welliver took advantage of his time at New York Magazine's Vulture Festival to let fans know that the Bosch spinoff series was officially titled Bosch: Legacy and that it was set to premiere on IMDb TV in 2022 (though no specific date or time[...]