Miz Pulls Himself from Elimination Chamber, Leaving One Spot Open

WWE tossed a monkey-wrench into the WWE Championship match at the upcoming Elimination Chamber PPV. The Miz will no longer participate in the match, he revealed in the opening segment of Monday Night Raw tonight. Miz said he didn't need the risk of the Elimination Chamber match to become champion, since he holds the Money in the Bank briefcase, granting him an immediate world title shot at any time.

Drew McIntyre is not impressed that The Miz pulled himself from the Elimination Chamber match.
Drew McIntyre is not impressed that The Miz pulled himself from the Elimination Chamber match.

From Bleeding Cool's recap of the show, and because Bleeding cool supports recycling, here's how the opening segment went down.

Raw kicks off with an episode of Miz TV, so viewers know they're in for a long night. Drew McIntyre is the guest. John Morrison is out this week. COVID? Miz blathers on and on for a while, trying to get McIntyre riled up at WWE management for putting him in the Elimination Chamber match. Drew tells him to shut up. Miz doesn't listen, so McIntyre headbutts him in the face.

But unfortunately, Miz makes a complete recovery after McIntyre leaves and cuts an entire new promo about having the Money in the Bank contract. Ultimately, he says he's pulling himself from the Elimination Chamber match, since he doesn't need it to be WWE Champion. Which means that there's an open spot. Hmm.

See a video clip here.

McIntyre will defend the WWE Championship inside the Elimination Chamber on Sunday. The remaining opponents in the match are Jeff Hardy, Randy Orton, Sheamus, and AJ Styles. So that leaves the question of who will replace The Miz in the match. That person will need to fit the gimmick of the match, which is that McIntyre is facing five other champions.

Maybe we'll learn who the new fifth champion will be during the gauntlet match tonight, which will decide who gets to enter the Elimination chamber last.


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