Mrs. Maisel Pop-Up Offers "Marvelous" Slices of NYC Experiences

In honor of the fourth season's streaming premiere earlier this year and as part of the streaming service's Emmy's FYC campaign, Amazon Prime Video hosted a pop-up event called "Making LA Marvelous" which celebrated all the NYC landmarks and sets from The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Here's a look at how it all went down…

Mrs. Maisel Pop-Up Offers "Marvelous" Slices of NYC Experiences Mrs. Maisel Pop-Up Offers "Marvelous" Slices of NYC Experiences

The event recreated sets from the show as well as incorporated themed snacks and experiences. Upon walking in, the mailman hands each patron a postcard, to gather stamps from each experience around the event. From there, the counter at Russ and Daughters is filled with bagels and lox along with pickles and tomatoes on the side. The sidebar offers a seltzer… branded Russ and Daughters, of course.

Mrs. Maisel Pop-Up Offers "Marvelous" Slices of NYC Experiences

Speaking of bars, there are two specialty bars serving themed mocktails called The Button and The Blue Note – which are both delicious! Past the neon Marvelous  Mrs. Maisel sign sits the set for Suzie's office, complete with donuts and a typewriter where the secretary encourages you to type your favorite moment from season 4.

Across from that sits the Coney Island photo booth, where polaroids are taken in a wonder wheel ride car – complete with props! Occasionally, a carnival worker with funnel cakes would wander up to the Coney Island area. The highlight of the event (aside from everything) is the five-piece jazz band and singer performing on the Blue Note stage. Svetlana (@SvetlanaJazz) and the Delancey Five are phenomenal and added the flair of a real NYC jazz club to the event with sets every hour.

Tucked away in a back corner (as is only fitting) is the Mahjong parlor, complete with chocolate Mahjong tiles to enjoy as a snack while you learn to play with real Mahjong tiles. The attendants are all 1950s from head to toe and completely in character, which adds to the ambiance of the whole event as well as delights visitors.

Amazon Prime Video puts on the best marketing events for their shows, and "Making LA Marvelous" is no exception. Everything was – forgive the pun – absolutely Marvelous, and with the fifth & final season of "Mrs. Maisel" nearing the end of shooting (if it hasn't wrapped photography already), expectations could not be higher for this marvelous show.

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