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Play NYC Logo Large
Organizers behind Play NYC announced this week that they will be bringing the convention back for a physical event in 2021 According to the details, the fifth annual convention will be attempting to hold another multi-day event in New York as they will be returning with a celebration of all things video games Playcrafting is[...]
Infinite Frontier #1 To #6 – DC Comics' Summer Event For 2021
A lot. Infinite Frontier #0 Now DC Comics has released the news that Infinite Frontier is to be a series, a summer event comic by Joshua Williamson and Xermanico, with covers by Mitch Gerads, six issues in length and beginning on the 22nd of June. In this summer event, Alan Scott, the Green Lantern from the Justice Society[...]
The Next Batman Event Begins In Detective Comics #1027
And now that 5G/Generation Five is off the books, there's a whole new Batman event to start revving the engines for And it all begins with Detective Comics #1027, a ten dollar founding father without a father comic book celebrating the 1000th consecutive issue of Detective Comics after Batman was introduced And asking three questions? Who[...]
2020 - AX - Anime Expo Lite Graphic-Simple
So get ready to say hello to Anime Expo Lite, a two-day live stream event running from July 3 (proclaimed Anime Expo Day by the City of Los Angeles in 2015) and through July 4 Giving virtual attendees an opportunity to experience all things anime from wherever they are, the event is set to feature[...]
Summer Game Fest Artowkr Square
This morning, a brand new event was announced that will run over the next few months as Summer Game Fest will kick off in May The word came out from Geoff Keighley of the Video Game Awards, as several major video game companies will take part in the event Those companies include 2K Games, Activision,[...]
Auto Draft
The press release is what follows: HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – NOVEMBER 07: A general view of atmosphere at the Funko Hollywood VIP Preview Event at Funko Hollywood on November 07, 2019 in Hollywood, California (Photo by John Sciulli/Getty Images for Funko) WHO: Funko CEO Brian Mariotti, and guests including Zoe Saldana, Lauren Ash, Charlie Benante, Nichole Bloom, Kate Flannery,[...]
ALA Arson
When Hale was asked if he or Jenkins had reported Toyotome as a concern to event staff at ALA or any other events, he expressed that they had not until the day after the cars had been burned However, Hale said that they had been involved in a prior restraining order against Toyotome. The story is still developing,[...]
We Witnessed The Wastelanders Ball 2019; Kinda Like a 'Mad Max' Prom
Imagine if you will- The Wasteland of Mad Max, but fancy as f**k with ballgowns made from parts of rusted cars and tuxedos out of hazmat suits – thats' The Wastelanders Ball. Put on by the same team who are responsible for the 5-day Wasteland Weekend event in September, the Wastelanders Ball is sort of a winter[...]
'Too Many Stars' Crowd Jon Stewart In Promo For HBO Autism Event
Because on that night, Stewart and a line-up of celebrity friends from across movies, television and music team up for HBO's Night of Too Many Stars: America Unites for Autism Programs. Created by comedy writer and performer Robert Smigel (Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog), the event raises money for autism schools, programs and services across the[...]
If Not Diversity, What Is The Cause of Marvel's Comics Sales Slump?
As you know by now, we have been heavily dissecting, discussing, theorising and pointing at the recent candid discussions at the Marvel Retailer Summit between Marvel's Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing David Gabriel, and a number of retailers who attended the event, as covered in an extensive report from ICv2. This[...]
It's A Family Thing: Great Lakes Comic Con 2017
The only downside to that is there really is no large expo hall in the area. The con prides itself on being a family friendly event, and it really is Mike and his family help run the show, and he even has some of his own student's there as volunteers too! From my own table at[...]
How To Get Into The *Next* Secret Marvel Press Event
Michael McDermott writes for Bleeding Cool… I have it on very good authority that approximately 20% of the crowd at yesterday's Infinity Guantleted Marvel Press Event, which laid out the future of the MCU, were Marvel Unlimited + members. One of the perks to signing up is apparently the shot to attend events like yesterday's exclusive Geek-Earth[...]