Fans Gather to Discuss All Things My Hero Academia at NYCC

by Sofia Annunziata

There were a wide range of topics discussed at the My Hero Academia fan panel. As a fan myself, I've decided to focus on consuming all of the what if's of the MHA universe.

Spoilers for the Manga ahead…

Fans Gather to Discuss All Things My Hero Academia at NYCC

Discussing fan theories from My Hero Academia and what the future possibly holds for the manga and eventually the anime was what this panel was all about. One theory that has been prevalent in relation to the manga, and one that I think has real legitimacy, is that Dabi is a Todoroki.  With the way he tends to show up at Todoroki family events, has a fire quirk and suspiciously, the same eye color as Endeavor. 

The Doctor that diagnosed Midoriya as "quirkless" when he was a child is practically nonexistent as he only appears once for one scene. He may end up playing a big part in the future. It is speculated that the doctor is the same doctor that is helping the main villain All for One. To further support this theory, they share the same voice actor.

Fans Gather to Discuss All Things My Hero Academia at NYCC

With the second season of My Hero Academia currently running and Season 3 confirmed, one of the biggest mysteries in my opinion is the UA traitor. Is it a teacher? Is it a student? One of the most popular candidates for traitor and my personal guess is Toru Hagakure ( The Invisible Girl). She has been known to be in two places at once, as well as no one knowing very much about her.  It's a possibility that she isn't even stuck in a constant state of invisibility and merely wants everyone to believe she is. Other fans theorized that Eraserhead, Kirishima or even Uraraka could be the traitor.

One of the last and possibly most depressing theories discussed involved potential character deaths. Some fans suspect that Bakugo may die in a sort of redemption arc. I don't personally foresee this happening because while Bakugo was off to a rocky start, this doesn't warrant a death level redemption arc. Some suspect that Midoriya may even be the one to die. While killing off the main character doesn't seem highly likely, there is on scene in the manga that points other class 1A students receiving one for all. When Midoriya has a vision of the past one for all users, you see two shadowy figures who look a lot like older versions of Kirishima and Bakugo. Is this a stretch? Yes, but is it also fun to consider? Hell yes!

Fans Gather to Discuss All Things My Hero Academia at NYCC

What theories do you have?

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