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My Hero Academia S05E02 "Vestiges" Review: The Many Sides of Endeavor

This week's episode of My Hero Academia gives us some insight into Endeavor's new side, Hawks secrets dealing, and Deku's dreams. It was a good episode that just flew by. I swear, it was so good and felt so short! I am loving zaddy Endeavor and I look forward to seeing a redeeming side of him. I hope the Todoroki family is able to work through their problems, but I have a feeling there are many things in the closet that must come out first.

My Hero Academia
My Hero Academia – Image: Screencap

We see Endeavor is still in the hospital after the incident with the Nomu. We get more of the flashback of the aftermath when Dabi approached him and Hawks. There seems to be some personal matter in the way Dabi talks to Endeavor, as if ready to settle a score or something. However, the number 1 and 2 heroes get saved by Mirko who is badass and I love already. Later on, though, we see Dabi staring at the moon and thinking back on what hero Snatch told him before getting killed by him about thinking about the feelings of those left behind, Dabi answer to himself he has gone crazy thinking about it too much making us wonder is e was left behind at some point.

This episode of My Hero Academia also offers a continuation of the meeting between Hawks and Dabi. It seems they already had planned an ambush, but Dabi changed the date without alerting Hawks beforehand. Dabi tells him he is simply testing Hawks. However, we see Hawks has been assigned a secret mission he is not even able to share with Endeavor: becoming a double agent. Nothing breaks my heart more than chibi Hawks with his tiny Endeavor plush. It seems like a task that is about to take a toll on him at the very least. The inner guilt and apologizes to Endeavor as he sees him in bed seem like only the beginning of this as well. I have a feeling this is about to become a wild ride.

After leaving the hospital and walking to the station with Hawks, Endeavor makes it clear there is something he considers fishy about having gotten attacked by a Nomu the same day they arrived there. To some extent, I think Endeavor knows what is going on and warning him to ask for help if things get out of hand.

Endeavor then gets home to the dysfunctional family he created. His son Natsuo makes it clear that even if he has become the Number 1 Hero he is still not able to forget the shitty things he did as a father like isolate Shoto and making him cry, what he did to their mom, and mentions something about what happened to their brother Toya before storming off. Shoto makes it clear to Endeavor he feels similarly, but is willing to move forward and see how things can go from there, adding people can be changed. This was a little harsh scene, I was not expecting how ugly it would get and can only imagine more will come up soon. He apologizes to them and tells them it is his intent to atone for what he has done.

We then jump once again into Deku's dream. He sees past vessels of One for All, and even more so in the back he cannot quite yet make up. However, he stumbles into what seems a past version of All for One talking to a younger brother who looks a lot like Shigaraki. It seems the kid is like Deku and had no power either. However, after going from flashback to flashback where he refuses to join All for One's plans, we see All for One giving people power in exchange for loyalty. He tries to make the case that he does it to help them, but the kid can see through his lies. Until it seems like he imposes a power the kid can use even being frail. At one point though, the kid reaches out to Deku and they touch hands, bringing Deku right back to reality after exploding his bedroom window. We also see his arm is flashing as if something triggered a power. I wonder if this means there is some connection between Deku's power and All for One or Shigaraki the same way Harry Potter and Voldermort were connected.

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