My Hero Academia Season 5 E18: Endeavor Stumbles in "The Unforgiven"

Endeavor falters in this week's episode of My Hero Academia when presented with a very extreme case of fanaticism. Endeavor is presented with his biggest inner struggles in this episode and it might either help fix the Todoroki family or break it even more. Deku, Soto, and Bakugo show how far along they have come in just a week of training. The episode did an impressive job in presenting Endeavor's inner turmoil and how much he has kept inside bearing the weight of damaging his family. While there is some he seems to keep and does not seem to have revealed to us just yet, we do learn that he has been bearing the guilt for it all even after confessing he was not shunning his family even when it came out as such. I am glad we are getting to know more about Endeavor and love seeing how his attitude has changed throughout the seasons.

My Hero Academia
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The episode starts exactly where the last one left us: the awkward aftermath of dinner with the dysfunctional Todoroki family. It seems Deku's words truly touched each member of the family, but unfortunately, uncomfortableness was not the only thing in store for them that evening. Turns out that there is a very extreme fanatic stalking Endeavor and his family in order to get his wish fulfilled: dying at the hands of Endeavor. Ending decides to kidnap Natsuo to provoke the number 1 hero and Endeavor is unable to properly fight, faltering and freezing.

Deku, Shoto, and Bakugo on the other hand put Endeavor's advice into action, using their powers like extensions of themselves without stopping to think about it. They manage to save Natsuo & the bystanders and catch the villain before Endeavor could even move. And just a week after starting their hero studies! Endeavor manages to run and hug Natsuo and Bakugo, thanking him. It was a very nice scene in which Endeavor pretty much poured his heart out to Natsuo, telling him that even if he is not able to forgive his father, he is still a kind boy. Why do we feel like My Hero Academia is steering us toward "heartbreak city"? I am also very excited to see more of Deku, Shoto, and Bakugo kicking some ass. All in all, a strong outing that packed punches and heart.

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My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 18 "The Unforgiven"

My Hero Academia
Review by Alejandra Bodden

Endeavor falters in this week's episode of My Hero Academia when presented with a very extreme case of fanaticism, presenting him with his biggest inner struggles that could end up either healing the Todoroki family or driving them even further apart.

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