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Nailed It Season 4 Review: Psychedelic Marshmallow Man Says It All

The second half of Netflix's Nailed It! season four had the contestants getting progressively worse if that's even possible, oh wait it is. With phallic themed challenges, cake toppers being buried alive and swallowed by quicksand and bakers being easily distracted and unable to multitask – seriously where do they find these people? Host and comedian Nicole Byer and co-host Jacques Torres were "convinced" (clearly by either money or incriminating photos) to swallow a duck strangled in a hot tub; a mold of poop (several, actually), and my favorite the psychedelic sleepy marshmallow man. I do wonder if they experience some type of post-traumatic stress after filming this show – do the circus penis and LSD induced loony tunes to haunt them in the middle of the night?

Host Nicole Byer can't quite believe what she's seeing on Nailed It, courtesy of Netflix.
Host Nicole Byer can't quite believe what she's seeing on Nailed It, courtesy of Netflix.

As we mentioned before, Nailed It! consists of two rounds. In the first round (Baker's Choice), contestants are given a half-hour to an hour to recreate a small baked sculpture. Whoever figures out how to open the refrigerator and turn on an oven gets a gold chef's hat and some cooking supplies that they will probably resell on eBay. For our second round (Nail It or Fail It), competitors must recreate a high-end cake in two hours. Each competitor is given a "Panic Button" which allows them to seek guidance from one of the judges for a total of three whole minutes. Nice to see contestants wishing up and using that thing, though in the end there's only so much help you can offer the helpless in three minutes.

Here's A Look at More Nailed It Season 4 Highlights

Episode 5 "Jungle Bungle"

  • Nicole looks fantastic in cheetah print
  • An IT Program manager, a quality control expert and a teacher get inspired by the jungle – one no one would ever want to travel to.
  • Baker's Choice: "Jungle Pastries"
  • Flour explosions, no sense of time, jam fillings (was that even part of the instructions) a very creepy puppy statue and raw pastries
  • In the end, the crocodile was runny and raw, the rhino was buried alive in quicksand and won, while the elephant was aged some poor guy was in line for the nursing home.
  • Nail It or Fail It: "Sloth Coffee Cake"
  • The good news, the sloth was hideous, to begin with, can't really mess it up
  • Contestants couldn't open the fridge forcing Nicole to roll on the floor.
  • Animals were being beheaded, the color schemes were horrific and one contestant I'm pretty sure was recreating a dildo.
  • In the end, we got a clown sloth (very nightmarish), a fashionable sloth ready for a D rated runway show, and something that the more you looked at it the more it looked like nothing. The model won.

Episode 6 "Howdy, Failure"

  • A retired nuclear dude, a college student, and a web developer come together to take their anger out on a couple of rubber duckies.
  • Baker's Choice: "Cowboy Duck Donuts"
  • Contestants question if they should follow instructions
  • The ominous refrigerator is missing (allegedly) and talk about some knife free-styling
  • How does one know donuts are done?
  • In the end, a rock hard duck got strangled in the tub, there was definitely some poop moldings (won, that's sad being the best one) and a psychedelic sleepy marshmallow man.
  • Nail It or Fail It: "Mechanical Bull Rodeo Cake"
  • Who needs to make 4 cakes, wing it and just make 2.
  • Contestants eyeball everything and Nicole gets in a nasty fight over stolen yogurt and then possibly self soothes with some cheese balls.
  • In the end – we get a soccer ball covered in turd and a marshmallow man; a spoiled Carvel cake; and a bull with a dog tail rocking a cowboy with no face, I felt like he should have won.

Episode 7 "The Big Bake Theory"

  • A mother, a software VP and a Human Resource employee take some LSD, join the circus, and make some metallic prosthetic penises.
  • Baker's Choice: "Loony Beaker Cakes"
  • Who needs a bowl when you can crack eggs on the table, question what in the world is buttermilk, and OMG, is that person making a burrito?
  • Then there was the fondant diaper and a leaning tower of crap
  • In the end – one loony took some LSD, a scientist got hurt in an explosion, and the win deservingly went to an exploding circus penis.
  • Nail It or Fail It: "Four Foot Rocket Cake"
  • This really is a phallic themed episode – and with their kids present, "shame, shame, shame"
  • Ironically enough the children are the calm ones, although one little girl really needed to stop eating the cake – savages.
  • In the end – an atomic explosion took the win; the 4ft prosthetic metallic penis was awesome, and a monkey threw up on a rocket ship.

Episode 8 "I Do… Hope I Don't Fail"

  • A science teacher, a dean of students and a retired helicopter pilot give Nicole the evil eye and some much-needed nudity
  • Baker's Choice: "Wedding Band Mini Cake"
  • Nothing tastier than liquid buttercream and a crunchy cake
  • In the end – we got a happy little cake with elastic superpower arms, some ninja poop and the win went to an evil eye dude about to shank the judges.
  • Nail It or Fail It: "Vegas Wedding Cake"
  • Keeping that motivation going the contestant's freestyle the hell out of this round by burning their cake.
  • In the end – the exquisite Popsicle people on a Twizzler cake, a soccer cake? And naturally had to grant the win to the naked couple – it is Vegas after all.

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