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A look at Nicole Byer from Nailed It Season 3, image courtesy of Netflix.

Nailed It: Nicole Byer Posts "Script" for White Parents to Explain BLM

Are you the white parent of a white child who still finds themselves struggling with understanding what the "Black Lives Matter" movement is all about? Still find yourself wanting to say, "But all lives matter..." even though doing that is so wrong on so many levels because it misses a major, fundamental point? Well, look[...]

Nailed It presents another before/after baking disaster, courtesy of Netflix.

Nailed It Season 4 Review: Psychedelic Marshmallow Man Says It All

With phallic themed challenges, cake toppers being buried alive and swallowed by quicksand and bakers being easily distracted and unable to multitask – seriously where do they find these people? Host and comedian Nicole Byer and co-host Jacques Torres were "convinced" (clearly by either money or incriminating photos) to swallow a duck strangled in a[...]

Host Nicole Byer, co-host Jacques Torres, and guest judge Adam Scott discuss their decisions on Nailed It, courtesy of Netflix.

Nailed It Season 4 Review: A Shakespearean Comedy of Baking Errors

So bring on the explosions (literally frosting everywhere and bursting flavors out of the mixing bowls) and say hello to host comedian Nicole Byer and co-host Jacques Torres and gear up to honor competitors with the cool gold chef hat for their bettered crime scenes.[caption id="attachment_1190362" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Host Nicole Byer, co-host Jacques Torres, and[...]

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"Nailed It!" Season 4: Netflix's Culinary Countdown to the Apocalypse – Now With Children! [OFFICIAL TRAILER]

If what you’re trying to recreate in the kitchen is a crime scene, then I suggest you tune in tovthe streaming service on April 1 when the culinary countdown to the apocalypse returns for a new and utterly inappropriate fourth season - which will also include children as helpers.[caption id="attachment_1182027" align="aligncenter" width="815"] Netflix[/caption]Comedian Nicole Byer[...]

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"Nailed It!" Host Nicole Byer Stepped Into the Kitchen and "Sleighed It!" [REVIEW]

This week on the holiday spinoff Sleighed It!, Netflix‘s Nailed It! host-comedian Nicole Byer partners up with Sugar Rush Christmas host Hunter March to go against world renowned pastry chef Adriano Zumbo Finally, we get to see Nicole get in the kitchen, just how much has co-host Jacques Torres taught her?Apparently, a lot... "Sleighed It!" Episode 3: For[...]

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"Nailed It!" Holiday Spinoff "Sleighed It!": Kiernan Shipka & "Let It Snow" Cast's Gingerbread House Should Be Condemned [REVIEW]

This week on a disastrous, hedonistic new episode of online holiday spinoff Sleighed It!, Netflix‘s Nailed It! host-comedian Nicole Byer and co-host Jacques Torres invited Let It Snow stars Kiernan Shipka, Isabela Merced, and Jacob Batalon to obliterate the Nailed It! kitchen and give the judges their "best" gingerbread waffle houses.Don't believe me? Check it out for yourselves below[...]

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"Nailed It!" Holiday Spinoff "Sleighed It!": One Looks Promising – The Other, Like "Rave Gandalf" Trippin' on Acid [REVIEW]

Netflix's Nailed It! host/comedian Nicole Byer and co-host Jacques Torres invite Ashley Tisdale and Brent Morin from Merry Happy Whatever to compete in Sleighed It!, a new online holiday spinoff original where stars from the streaming service showcase their baking disasters in the Nailed It! kitchen.[caption id="attachment_1124409" align="aligncenter" width="821"] Netflix[/caption]A hilarious undertaking which resembles a[...]

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"Nailed It!" Lets James Corden's Staff Show Him How They REALLY See Him [VIDEO]

Netflix's Nailed It host Nicole Byer took a break from her partner-in-bad-baking-judging chef Jacques Torres to make a guest appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden earlier this week to recreate the catastrophe-fueled baking competition where three amateur bakers compete to replicate masterpieces and well.. let's just say the show's title is meant[...]

'Nailed It!' Season 3: This Black Panther Cake Has No Respect for Wakanda [PREVIEW]

That’s right, disaster food fans! Hosts Nicole Byer and Jacques Torres return for a third season of Netflix's Nailed It! – overseeing a new line-up of would-be bakers with terrible track records who compete to be “The Best of the Worst” – and a $10,000 grand prize Part competition and part hot mess, the third season features guest judge[...]

Nailed It! Season 1: Shark Bait, Emoji Cakes, Animal Mud Baths and…Donald Trump? (BC REWIND)

Add comedic host Nicole Byer (with co-host Jacques Torres) as the key ingredient and you have a show that is a wonderful "palate cleanser" to a stressful day.[caption id="attachment_971024" align="aligncenter" width="668"] Netflix[/caption]Nailed It consists of two rounds:● Round #1 - Baker’s Choice: Contestants are given 30 to 60 minutes to recreate a small cake-like sculpture[...]