Nick Jackson Takes on Matt Jackson on Being the Elite 200 Spoilers

Matt Jackson faced Nick Jackson in a falls count anywhere match as promised for the significant milestone 200th episode of Being the Elite. The match was built up with a three-part 199th episode that aired last week. The brother vs. brother match could have easily main-evented an AEW PPV, but under the circumstances of the quarantine, this is what we get instead. I'll recap the events below, but if you just want to watch it, here it is.

Nick Jackson vs. Matt Jackson Falls Count Anywhere

After the opening credits (a throwback version), Matt Jackson made his way to the ring for his big match against his brother Nick. Except, when he arrived at the tennis court area of the BTE compound, the ring the Young Bucks had rented from PWG was no longer there. Nick showed up, leaping off a staircase to attack Matt. It looks like this is falls count anywhere match. The pair did some dives over the tennis net and brawled around the court, performing various acrobatic high-risk moves off the environment.

Eventually, they brawled back up the stairs and into a covered dining area where Nick took a backdrop on the concrete for a two-count. Matt dragged his brother up another level into the driveway, and they brawled some more before Nick tossed Matt into a golf cart, told the referee to hop on, and took off. They brawled while driving the cart before crashing into a fence near the garage/weight room. Both brothers escaped brainbuster attempts in the weight room before Matt powerslammed Nick for a two-count. He got another two-count after a DDT on the exercise mat.

The brothers exchanged various pin attempts and reversals for two-counts before brawling out of the garage and into the back yard. They brawled to the pool area and exchanged German suplexes on the grass. Nick got a two-count off of a clothesline. Nick avoided being tossed in the pool, and the brothers brawled at poolside, and them back to the grass for more suplexes before Nick hit a tornado DDT off the fence.

Being The Elite 200 Gets Weird

They brawled passed the pool, and Matt hit "the Macho Man thing" (where Randy Savage would grab his opponent's head and the leap over the top rope outside of the ring) on the pool area all. Nick then beat his brother into submission on a conveniently-places table and climbed on top of an awning to hit a senton on Matt for a two-count. After that, Nick dragged Matt to the pool and dunked his head into the water.

They brawled onto the diving board and exchanged some superkicks. Then Matt hit a Canadian Destroyer on Matt into the swimming pool. Matt demanded the ref dive in the pool and count but got only a two-count. As they crawled out, Nick asked Matt if he wanted to see some magic. Then he snapped his fingers, and the pair were transported to another area of the house, dressed as Shawn Michaels (Nick) and Marty Janetti in the Barber Shop. Nick superkicked Matt and put him through the Barber Shop window.

When Matt awoke, he was at the top of a deck on the hill far above the pool. Nick hit him with a shovel, and they brawled on the platform. Nick got a two-count with a powerbomb on the wood. He attempted to toss Matt off the deck, but Matt resisted. Matt hit a tombstone piledriver on the deck, then turned to the camera and said he didn't want to have to do this, but Nick left him no choice. He pulled out a boot with thumbtacks stuck to the heel (the same one he once kicked Candice LaRea with?) and superkicked Nick in the face. After telling Nick, "I'm sorry. I love you," Matt dropped an elbow on Nick off the deck onto some padding below and scored the pinfall.

The official logo for AEW or All Elite Wrestling.
The official logo for AEW or All Elite Wrestling.

Being the Elite 200 Gets Emotional

Afterward, the brothers discussed the match. Nick said the fans and the world needed entertainment, but Matt said Nick isn't 100% still. They talked about the past 200 episodes of Being the Elite, deeming it all worth it. They queued up an "emotional montage" from the previous 200 episodes.

In a final scene, Nick and Matt hopped in the car. Nick asked, "where to next?" Matt answered, "for the first time ever, I don't know." The screen faded to black but came back, and "Nick said, "actually, Matt, there's still that one thing we need to do."

It was a great episode with lots of callbacks and fun. The match was both violent and funny. The montage was a great trip down memory lane. Hopefully, there's another 200 episodes and more to come from this show.

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