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The logo for Being The Elite [title screen screencap]
Being The Elite will do what The Chadster wishes AEW in general would do: stop producing new episodes until further notice The popular web show that served as a precursor to AEW itself, starring the company's EVPs, the titular Elite, and their friends in the company, announced the hiatus on Twitter. No #BeingTheElite this week[...]
Joey Ryan leads the #CancelCulture stable as Joseph P. Ryan in Impact Wrestling
By this time on any given Monday, there's usually a new episode of Being the Elite ready to watch on YouTube, but today's episode has not yet come out It's hard not to speculate that it has something to do with the recent allegations of sexual misconduct sweeping the wrestling industry as part of the[...]
Kris Statlander appears on AEW Dynamite [Photo Credit: AEW]
If the Stadium Stampede match worked, why not that, right? In other AEW news, the latest episode of Being the Elite is up on YouTube The episode is titled Bring it Home, and the description reads, "The crew film AEW Dynamite in Jacksonville, Florida Matt Hardy teaches more inside terms using his Broken Brilliance Hangman Page[...]
Christopher Daniels Gets a Camera in his Butt in Being the Elite 206
Being The Elite 206 hit YouTube on Monday, with an episode called Colonoscopy It would turn out to be an accurate title Check out the video here, or look below it for a brief recap of the events. Colt Cabana did his Colt Cabana Bit of the Week to open Being the Elite 206, which consisted[...]
AEW News: New Being the Elite, Dark Match Replacement
Here's a couple of quick AEW news bytes for your Monday afternoon, including a new Being the Elite, a new match for Dark, and an update on the TNT Championship open challenge First up, a new episode of Being the Elite has dropped on YouTube, titled Gig The show sees the cast members reunited now[...]
Being the Elite, Total Divas Video Game, and the Return of WCW?!
Being the Elite #205 is out, titled "Stadium Stampede" The episode features an appearance by Marty Scurll. Marty Scurll appears on Being the Elite, courtesy of BTE. Flip Gordon Signs Multi-Year, Multi-Million Deal with Ring of Honor Speaking of people who signed surprisingly long-term Ring of Honor deals, ROH announced that Flip Gordon has signed a new multi-year[...]
A big match booked for Being the Elite #205 on Memorial Day
A major wrestling match has been booked for next week's episode of Being the Elite, revealed on today's episode, Being the Elite #204 But before we get to that, let's do the recap of the show The show began with a Zoom call between Kenny Omega and Colt Cabana Cabana got Kenny's Zoom number from[...]
“Living In The Woods” - Being The Elite Ep. 203
Being the Elite 203 starts with Matt Jackson's kids reading the Young Bucks' childrens' book and demanding breakfast Matt is highly stressed out by making toast He finds that the letters FTR are burned in the toast like that toaster DC Comics released to mess with Alan Moore's head. After the opening, the Bucks discuss staying home[...]
“An Old Carny Trick” - Being The Elite Ep. 202
A new episode of Being the Elite is out, Being the Elite #202 There's quite a few segments on the show this week, and I'm gonna recap 'em all This episode features a game of basketball at the BTE compound, Matt Hardy explaining false finishes, a new #KickoutChallenge, Luchasaurus's quest to find his tail, a[...]
The official logo for BTE Being the Elite.
Following up on the epic 200th episode of Being the Elite that aired last week, the Young Bucks have released a 45-minute YouTube video highlighting the best spots of the past 200 episodes Matt Jackson defeated Nick Jackson in Being the Elite #200 in a falls-count-anywhere backyard brawl and followed up with a montage looking[...]
BTE 200 - Matt vs Nick - BEING THE ELITE EPISODE 200
Matt Jackson faced Nick Jackson in a falls count anywhere match as promised for the significant milestone 200th episode of Being the Elite The match was built up with a three-part 199th episode that aired last week The brother vs brother match could have easily main-evented an AEW PPV, but under the circumstances of the[...]
“Part 3” - Being The Elite Ep. 199
This week, Being the Elite aired in three full-length parts for its 199th episode, building up to a 200th-episode extravaganza set to hit YouTube next week In the second part, we learned that Being the Elite 200 will feature a main event wrestling match with Nick Jackson facing his brother Matt Jackson to prove he's[...]
“Part 2” - Being The Elite Ep. 199
Being the Elite is gearing up for a milestone episode 200, and now we know what the main event will be Like the Civil War, it will be brother vs brother as Nick Jackson takes on Matt Jackson The match was decided based on the results of the Under the Limit Battle Royale, which took[...]
Being the Elite is gearing up for a milestone 200th episode, and they're stretching it out with a three-part episode #199 this week Part one dropped on Monday, and it was chock full of content, as long as a full-length weekly episode on its own The show opened up with Broken Matt Hardy in all[...]
AEW's Young Bucks appear on Being the Elite.
Being The Elite is gearing up for its big 200th episode, and The Young Bucks are making sure to milk that milestone for all its worth On Twitter, Matt Jackson revealed that Being The Elite Episode #199 will be split into three parts The parts will air on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this week, and[...]
The Elite Announced All Elite Wrestling While Everyone Was Drunk on New Years Eve
If you're waking up this morning with a slight hangover, a sense of looming dread about how 2019 can possibly top 2018, and the strange recollection that a brand new pro wrestling promotion was announced last night, that's not the champagne talking. FRIENDS: [general mirth and merriment on New Year's Eve] ME: so what do YOU think[...]
Stephen Amell Returns To The Ring — Ring Of Honor, That Is
Now Stephen Amell goes to ROH? What's next? Roman Reigns on Being The Elite? The Bullet Club will be well-represented at the show, as not only will Cody be there, but Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, and Marty Scrull will all be there as well ROH mainstays Jay Lethal, The Kingdom, Jay Briscoe and others will[...]