NXT Breaking News: Adam Cole vs Finn Balor For The NXT Title

In a confrontation towards the beginning of tonight's episode of NXT on the USA Network, we saw a pissed-off Roderick Strong accuse NXT Champion Finn Balor of breaking up Strong's former faction, The Undisputed Era.  Balor countered that it wasn't he who turned team-leader Adam Cole to the dark side, but rather the gold on Balor's shoulder.  And to show that he's a man of honor, Balor announced that on next week's show, he will be putting the NXT Championship on the line against the man who has turned on his friends because he was obsessed with it, Adam Cole.

NXT Breaking News: Adam Cole vs Finn Balor For The NXT Title Next Week
Adam Cole will challenge Champion Finn Balor for the NXT title next week.

It was a bombshell announcement and an immediate attraction for fans to tune in to see the main event of next week's show.  The Undisputed Era's implosion has been the top storyline on NXT for the past few weeks, and now with the title involved, the stakes have risen big time.  Adam Cole has proven he is obsessed with being NXT Champion and will sacrifice anyone around him to get there.  Well, now he has his chance.  And while Finn Balor has proven to be a mighty fighting champion (even defeating Roderick Strong in a hard-fought non-title match on tonight's show), Cole has shown he now has nothing to lose and is will to do anything to take the title.  And that makes for quite the dangerous opponent for Balor to handle.

Both the champion and the challenger are at the top of their games right now, so this match should be a must-watch if you are an NXT fan.  We usually don't get main events this big on weekly tv, so be sure to tune in to the USA Network for next week's episode of NXT to see how this will all go down.

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