Robot Chicken At NYCC 2017: The Walking Dead Special, And A Rogue One Skit This Season

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While the Robot Chicken The Walking Dead Special: Look Who's Walking has been well and truly covered (full props to Adult Swim's promotional team on that), a press roundtable on Saturday afternoon following the public events provided some entertaining postscripts to what has already been covered, plus a bit of insight into the coming season.

Robot Chicken Crew at NYCC 2017
Robot Chicken Crew at NYCC 2017


Creator/Executive Producer/Writer/Voice Actor Matthew Senreich, Co-Executive Producer/Director/Writer/Voice Actor Tom Root, Director/Writer/Voice Actor Tom Sheppard, and Writer/Voice Actor Breckin Meyer made themselves available for questions Saturday afternoon. Among the tidbits were the reports from the creators of just how funny the Walking Dead cast was, and particularly how well they improvised in the sketches.

"They all came to play," Sheppard commented with a grin.

Robot Chicken Negan
Robot Chicken Negan

Senreich elaborated:

"I point back to Andrew Lincoln — every time he did a take, he was like 'hold on hold on', and he'd ad lib it up and add something more to it. It was surreal to watch them do that. […] Everybody was [great with improvisation]. Look, I mean Jeffrey Dean Morgan was amazing, Michael Rooker, Lauren Cohan, Chandler Riggs was amazing. It was really across the board. Every one of them — you watch [The Walking Dead] and you're like, 'They're not funny' — and they come in and you're like, 'Oh, yeah, they are.'"

Seinreich added:

"Chandler to me was the star of the show. He makes me so happy watching this thing. It was really across the board where we were like, 'Yeah, you guys came to play with us.'"

Senreich and Sheppard also gave reporters a tease of the Rogue One sketch viewers can expect to see in the coming season — one that he said he's extremely excited about:

"It's so stupid, like I can't stress the stupidity of it. Ive seen this thing probably hundreds of times now, and it's that one moment where it gets the reveal that makes me so happy."

Sheppard recalled:

"It's another one of those sketches that on paper, it should not work. I was very skeptical the entire time we were making it. I directed it, and I was like 'I don't think this works.' I showed it to Matt and he just started laughing his ass off."

Senreich said, "The concept of it is just the stupidest thing in the world."

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