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Mallrats Special Edition Blu-ray Coming From Arrow In September

Mallrats Special Edition Blu-ray Coming From Arrow In September

Mallrats, Kevin Smith's beloved second film, is getting an epic release on Blu-ray this September by Arrow. The release will include three different versions of the film: theatrical, extended, and a tv cut of the film. Arrow has restored all in association with Smith himself. The real treats here are the exhaustive list of special features. […]

Days of Thunder 4k

'Days of Thunder' Coming to 4K Blu-ray on May 19th

Days of Thunder will be coming to 4K Blu-ray on May 19th. Celebrating the Tony Scott film's 30th anniversary, this will complete a Tom Cruise 4K triple on that day from Paramount, as they will also release Top Gun and War of the Worlds on 4K that same day. This is such a strange film […]

'Fantasy Island' Poster Hides the Evil Lurking Below

'Fantasy Island': Watch the New Trailer for the Blumhouse Reboot NOw

Yang, Ryan Hansen, and Michael Rooker opens on February 14, 2020, the perfect Valentine’s Day movie! Fantasy Island is coming out on Valentine's Day, and Sony Pictures dropped a final trailer on our laps this afternoon The horror reimagining of the classic television series from Blumhouse looks excellent, I have to say it is high on my[...]

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"The Walking Dead": Michael Rooker Knows Who REALLY Killed Merle – AMC's Accountant

Peabody Wayback Machine" with AMC to look at Daryl's (Norman Reedus) "most epic saves" on the series so far, followed by some of the Walking Dead cast offering some on-set advice to the new cast members of The Walking Dead: World Beyond.[caption id="attachment_1151747" align="alignnone" width="1200"] Gene Page/AMC[/caption]Now we're taking a trip back to the early[...]

'Fantasy Island' Poster Hides the Evil Lurking Below

'Fantasy Island' Poster Hides the Evil Lurking Below

Yang, Ryan Hansen, and Michael Rooker opens on February 14, 2020, the perfect Valentine's Day movie! Fantasy Island certainly impressed with its first trailer The Blumhouse produced reimagining of the classic television show debuted footage last week (if you missed it, you can check it out below) and looks genuinely creepy and impressive Michael Peña[...]

the dark tower

"The Dark Tower": Michael Rooker Joins Amazon's Stephen King Series Adaptation

Leaving behind the land of the dead and the cold embrace of outer space, genre legend (and we're sure someone who can call Danny Trejo a close friend), Michael Rooker (The Walking Dead, Guardians of the Galaxy) has joined Amazon's adaptation of Stephen King's The Dark Tower series of novels News of the casting was[...]

Michael Rooker May be in James Gunn's 'The Suicide Squad' as King Shark

Michael Rooker May be in James Gunn's 'The Suicide Squad' as King Shark

According to a report from The Wrap, filmmaker James Gunn really wants his pal Michael Rooker to join his upcoming film for Warner Bros Pictures, The Suicide Squad.[caption id="attachment_1030583" align="aligncenter" width="600"] James Gunn and Michael RookerPhoto by DFree / Shutterstock.com[/caption]The Wrap says Rooker is apparently "in talks" to star as DC Comics character King Shark, yet another example[...]

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Watch: Michael Rooker Unboxes Sideshow's Baby Groot Figure

Michael Rooker is well loved by the fan community, whether for his role as Merle Dixon on The Walking Dead, Yondu Udonta in Guardians of the Galaxy, or going way back to Svenning in Mallrats The actor brings a crazy fun vibe to his characters that comes through on the screen Recently he showed up[...]


How It Should Have Ended Shows Us Yondu Udonta as Mary Poppins, Y'all

This may fall into the 'too much time on our hands' category, but the folks at How It Should Have Ended have taken the time to re-edit scenes from the classic 1964 Mary Poppins to replace star Julie Andrews with Michael Rooker done up as Yondu Udonta from Guardians of the Galaxy.This all comes about[...]

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

James Gunn's Commentary On Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2

Some directors don't even think about the music until post-production.There are certain actors that Gunn says he won't make a movie without and the top name on that list is Michael Rooker Where Rooker's role as Yondu was important in the first film, it became huge in the second and was by far the breakout[...]


Guardians Of The Galaxy / Yondu Parody Song: 'Here Comes My Arrow'

And it established  Yondu (Michael Rooker) as one of the most badass character in the MCU The mix of the upbeat Come A Little Bit Closer by Jay & the Americans with the extreme violence and just how calm and cool Yondu, Rocket and Groot are.. except when Groot took out the guy who tortured him..[...]

Yondu Hot Toys 3

Yondu Hot Toy Is Coming, But Sadly With No Mary Poppins Costume Change

Today, Hot Toys is pleased to dedicate to Marvel fans the 1/6th scale Yondu collectible figure in memory of his selfless act and his loyalty as a Ravager from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2.Expertly crafted based on the image of Michael Rooker as Yondu in the well-reviewed blockbuster, the 1/6th scale Yondu collectible figure is[...]

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Norman Reedus And Jeffrey Dean Morgan Talk Weird Fan Interactions And More

I'll be real with everyone — I've only seen a handful of The Walking Dead episodes, and I mostly only watched them so I could understand the pinball machine better. I have, however, seen The Boondock Saints and Watchmen and am very familiar with both Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Norman Reedus. I was lucky enough […]

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James Gunn Explains How That Guardians' Inferno Video Came Together

(Our nod to this in Guardians Inferno is Sean Gunn as a Cowboy and Michael Rooker as a lion)." If you have not seen that video or heard that song, here you go:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOp04pxm7roAs prodution went on during Guardians, Gunn and composer Tyler Bates decided they could pass up making what would become "Guardians' Inferno" with their band The Sneepers[...]

How Michael Rooker Got Blue For Yondu

The Stan Winston School has released a video showing just how Michael Rooker was turning into Peter Quill's Ravager mentor.Yondu may have been the surprising highlight character from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 and the current talk of the town The Stan Winston School has released a video showing just how Michael Rooker[...]

Comic Con Wars Break Out In London – MCM London Comic Con Vs Heroes And Villains Fan Fest

The same day will see two shows on opposing sides of London, East Vs West.Heroes And Villians Fan Fest held in Olympia, near Earl's Court and Hammersmith (where I saw the ads) has big name genre TV stars,Emily Bett Rickards, Stephen Amell, Melissa Benoist, John Barrowman, Hayley Atwell, Stanley Tucci, Brandon Routh, Michael Rooker, Sean Gunn, Robbie Amell,[...]