Our Ode To TikTok: The Fun Aunt Of The Television World [OPINION]

It's easy to feel like a prehistoric mammal with the digital age, but there's something profoundly organic in the storytelling and creativity often found on the small screen that can now be found in TikTok. For the annoyed middle-aged white men in the audience (you know who you are), it's not a platform you should continue to use to comment on how much you like tank tops on women as if you're filming yourself with the same camera from Blair Witch. It's a place where art and human stories are shown to anyone and everyone (if you're on a specific side of the app and not the portion filled purely with half-hearted dance video ideas stolen from creators of color). I used to be on Vine all the time back when it was alive (may it rest in freaky peace) and I didn't believe TikTok had any merit to it when I first heard about it. Well, I'm happy to say that I was wrong.

TikTok: The Fun Aunt Of The Entertainment World
The all-knowing TikTok pug. Source: Today Show/ YouTube

I can go from watching an account develop a short horror series over months with more depth than some A24 films (no hate, I'm still a whore for that artistic insanity) to reality shows I would actually watch because they dive into some very unique and connected lives. TikTok has faults, like any medium or platform truly, but there's something close to television when watching these 15 seconds to 3 minute long videos that are not obtainable in other spaces, not even on YouTube. TV shows connect with fans, audiences compile favorite scenes from SNL, cat videos become even more prevalent, an elderly pug can foretell how your day will go, artists develop their identities while performing, injustice is called out, and the art form of storytelling continues. I'm not going to purely go on and on confessing my deep love for TikTok, I'll also be sharing some favorite accounts and creators with you that help proves my point. Below, I'll be listing a couple of accounts, with a featured favorite video, that can help you see what I mean when I say that Tik Tok has the potential to outlast traditional television and streaming.

Julian Burzynski (@julianburzynski):


❤️🍔💚 #bobsburgers #fyp

♬ original sound – Julian Burzynski

Lyndsay Grimes (@grimeycreates):


Fueling the creative fire with sounds like this 🔥🔥🔥 🔪 🍆 #feminism #ChewyChattyPets #aileenwuornos

♬ kam 2020 – Luna

Basement Gang (@basementgang):


I was today years old when I found out this song wasn't actually about Barbie 🥲

♬ Barbie Girl – Aqua

Squirrel (@squirrel_dialogues):


Do you feel broken? #mentalhealth #foryou #healingtiktok #advicetiktok #fml

♬ original sound – Squirrel

Colin Stanley (@littlevictorianboy):


Just your average day a noodles and company! 🍝 #noodlesandcompany #coma #slap #snowmobile #goons #nos #rescue #comedy #storytok #foryou #fyp

♬ original sound – Colin Stanley

Stanzi (@stanzipotenza):


Invermectin saga #fyp #xyzbca #myfriendsatan

♬ original sound – Stanzi

And another one from this account…because I love it so much…


God Hates Hags #xyzbca #fyp #myfriendsatan

♬ original sound – Stanzi

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