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WWE SummerSlam is headed to Vegas in August
As a result, comrades, the company is so desperate they will hire anyone off TikTok to do ring announcing for their second-biggest show of the year: SummerSlam. WWE SummerSlam is headed to Vegas in August Greetings! It is I, your El Presidente, bringing you a press release from WWE announcing a SummerSlam Announcer Contest on TikTok[...]
rick and morty
To add an appropriate soundtrack to the weekend's celebration, producer-rapper Soulja Boy released a full audio track for "Rick & Morty," which was first teased during a Fortnite livestream is now available in full. Image: Screencap/Adult Swim You can check out the audio video below, but let's kick things off with a look at Soulja Boy himself[...]
The Backyardigans
Much like the Little Einsteins theme song experienced a viral nostalgia resurgence via remixes thanks to Vine, the children's song "Castaways" from The Backyardigans is enjoying its time in the sun as a top viral hit and certified summer bop, thanks to TikTok being populated by those of us who grew up with the show. But[...]
UFC & TikTok Announce New Partnership, Weekly Live Show Coming
The UFC and TikTok announced a new partnership this morning with the global MMA brand looking to deepen its relationship with the social media platform Part of the deal will include a new weekly live show featuring live looks at weigh-ins and press conferences, athlete interviews, arena tours, fighter training segments, and more The shows[...]
Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical Enchants Audiences for a Good Cause
Oh, how wrong I was – and that's a good thing! Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical Graphic Credit: https://www.facebook.com/Ratatousical/ Aside from the sheer miracle that a musical joke that originated on TikTok got made into a Broadway-caliber musical, Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical is heartwarming, toe-tapping, wholesome fun for the whole family Proceeds even go directly to The Actor's[...]
The Walking Dead is now on TikTok. Sorry, Andrew Lincoln (Image: screencap)
To be fair, we actually hope the fine folks over at the main TWD universe offices gave him a heads-up before using him as the face that launches their journey onto TikTok That's right, the long-running series has been branching out to where all the cool kids hang out, which extended from a setting up[...]
Would The Undertaker return for one last match?: Undertaker: The Last Ride (Image: WWE)
Pack it up and move on, kids! TikTok is no longer cool Like Facebook and Twitter before it, old people have officially invaded the once-hip social media platform, as exemplified by a TikTok press release today announcing that The Undertaker has made a TikTok account and posted his first video Not only that, but TikTok[...]
Microsoft Brings Xbox Series X Jokes and Memes to TikTok
With the next console generation on the horizon with Xbox Series X around the corner, it's more crucial than ever to make sure care is taken to keep smiles on customers' faces whenever possible — especially if that means joining TikTok to see what all the youngsters are into these days. Microsoft made its first Xbox[...]
The Boys
How bad could it get? Ashmore's "warning" tweet pretty much says it all without having to say too much: Who's ready?! @TheBoysTV @therealKripke @PrimeVideo #Lamplighter pic.twitter.com/okSzznYdYr — Shawn R Ashmore (@ShawnRAshmore) September 19, 2020 Finally, the folks at Amazon Prime have compiled 16 of the best TikTok clips buzzing around the internet- which we're guessing will become valuable[...]
Pokémon GO Celebrates GO Fest 2020 With TikTok
Pokémon GO has announced a collaboration with the app that has taken over the internet with lip-syncing videos, 90s pop star-inspired dance routines, and frenetic editing that makes anyone over the age of 28 feel like an octogenarian: TikTok The social media app, formerly known as Musical.ly, will introduce a Pokémon GO inspired filter in[...]
JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE! - "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" airs every weeknight at 11:35 p.m. EDT and features a diverse lineup of guests that include celebrities, athletes, musical acts, comedians and human interest subjects, along with comedy bits and a house band. The guests for Wednesday, June 19, included Miles Teller ("Too Old to Die Young"), Ayesha Curry ("Family Food Fight"), and musical guest Hollywood Vampires. (ABC/Randy Holmes) JIMMY KIMMEL
EDT (ABC/Randy Holmes) Always willing to bite the hand that gives him the platform to do it, Kimmel didn't stop with ABC: TikTok, Quibi, Peacock, NBC/The Olympics, ratings, broadcast television, and more Here's a look at our favorite takeaways from Kimmel's roast (which was pre-recorded before the killing of George Floyd and resulting global protests), starting[...]
Renee and Dean vs. The Ocean: Total Divas Bonus Clip, April 12, 2017
And that thing is dancing in a TikTok video. Brodie Lee challenged Jon Moxley for the AEW Championship, courtesy of AEW. Young took to Twitter Sunday to post, "I'm just a girl, in quarantine, wishing her husband would do a TikTok dance with her." Young's post garnered mixed reactions from the wrestling community, with CM Punk himself[...]
TxG Logo
This "talent first" company will help esports talent with development and social media monetization — something TalentX has done with the popular social media platform TikTok. ReKTGlobal and TalentX have formed the esports management company TalentX Gaming. "TalentX Gaming is the formation of a unique and dynamic talent management company, combining ReKTGlobal's esports industry leading position and[...]
TikTok Cup First Event
This morning, TikTok announced they were partnering with Collegiate StarLeague to host a new esports event in the TikTok Cup The two companies are offering up $60k in prizes across four games for college players Those four games are Fortnite, Rocket League, League Of Legends, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive The event consists of eight individual[...]
Jane and Paul must do what it takes to Survive, courtesy of Quibi.
Quibi offers nothing that YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, and TikTok don't already offer, and with more substance They have no real incentive to pay a subscription fee for the also-ran content on Quibi Why would they download it when they already have all those other services on their phones? In Quibi's Survive, Jane (Sophie Turner) is[...]