Peacemaker: James Gunn on Being DCU's "Kevin Feige", Future Spinoffs?

If we're being honest and putting aside the quality work that he does behind the camera, the biggest reason why we like covering Peacemaker writer/director James Gunn? Scratch that- the two biggest reasons? First, that he's open and honest with his views and positions, and will just as easily jump into a random Twitter thread to engage with fans as he would jump into a formal press junket. Second, that it really is like throw darts at a board while blindfolded when it comes to what the topics he'll cover- because they're pretty broad.

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Today is a perfect example. Only a day or so after engaging in a little social media back-n-forth with The Suicide Squad spinoff series star John Cena over poop chutes (yup, check that out here), Gunn was offering some interesting intel in the thread that started with a report that there was a "possibility" that Gunn would only do television shows after Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (for the record, he's open to it but it comes down to "whatever is most fulfilling & storytelling in all its forms"- including a video game if "the project compelled me to do so").

Speaking of life in the television/streaming world, Gunn also confirmed that he was directing four of the eight Peacemaker episodes and that the spinoff series is a series and not a one-and-done. As for Gunn's future, two interesting pick-ups: first, a "perhaps" when asked if he was doing any other DC projects after Peacemaker– adding to an earlier Twitter comment that there might be more DC from him to come. Then, Gunn was asked if he would be interested "to do other The Suicide Squad Spin-Off TV Shows just like Peacemaker, after your done with Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 3"- his response? "It's funny you ask that question…" Hmmm…

Peacemaker promo key art (Image: WarnerMedia)
Peacemaker promo key art (Image: WarnerMedia)

One last topic he covered was one that we will readily admit we've been pushing for, yet after his reasoning here we more than understand. When asked if he would be interested in being the "Kevin Feige" for WarnerMedia when it comes to the DC Universe (a reference to how Feige has control over how Marvel's characters are utilized on the big and small screens). While "really excited about a lot of the other projects DC has coming up," Gunn said he would have to pass on the opportunity. For him, holding such a position would remove him from being able to play in the DCU's creative sandbox- and that's not something he's interested in. "That would stop me from being a hands on writer and director and wouldn't interest me," Gunn replied.

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