Puppet History Season 3 Poster As Oddly Fantastic As Series

Recently, the Twitter account for Watcher network, a channel on YouTube, tweeted out a detailed poster and announcement for season three of their popular series, Puppet History. The main names behind the successful channel, Steven LimRyan Bergara, and Shane Madej, have a variety of shows, interviews, and projects that have been in the works since the beginning of Watcher in January 2020. Even during the pandemic, the video series has been able to continue on over video chats and edits. Last year fans received some holiday specials but have been excited for another season to finally come along. Each episode of Puppet History goes through a unique historical event or true story with the help of The Professor puppet as the narrator. The two guests are joined by song, jellybean rewards from The Professor's satchel, and paper cutouts reenacting important moments.

The Poster For Puppet History's Season 3 Premiere Is Oddly Fantastic
Season three's poster. Source: Twitter account for Watcher.

The guest list to join Ryan Bergara as he endures the narration from Shane Madej's mouth is showing us just how awesome the new season will be. Immediately recognizable names such as Garrett Watts or Zach Kornfield, one of the men from the Try Guys channel on YouTube, give fans a lot to look forward to. The themes present in the poster, from art, to chemistry, and to even musical instruments are some great hints at possible topics.

The Poster For Puppet History's Season 3 Premiere Is Oddly Fantastic
The Professor having a moment during a past episode of Puppet History. Source: YouTube

Also, the creation of this poster, this artwork, is another reason for those new to the entertainment values present on YouTube, to join in on the fun starting with Puppet History. The morbid songs and fantastic retelling of history from a blue puppet are expected to premiere in their third season on Friday, March 12th. Let us know in the comments below if you'll be watching!

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