Commence The Purge Episode 6: The Secret Origin of The Purge Punisher

It finally happened Purge fans! This episodes flashbacks gave us a little backstory on our Purge Punisher, whose real name is Joe( an excellent Lee Tergesen). I loved the show opening with him getting ready for his day and heading to work, just like when he was leaving to head out and help people on Purge Night. Turns out he was a foreman in a factory, and was laid off. We see him job searching, and when that fails, slowly becoming another out of work alcoholic in his living room.

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That is until he falls under the influence of the pro-Purge radio host we have been hearing at the end of each episode. Joe is a good man, who just needed a sense of purpose, and The Purge gives him one. He is out to save people, he has a sense of purpose for the first time in awhile. He has saved two already, sadly he was too late to save the elderly couple in the market. He was too late to save his fellow workers as well, so it is easy to see where his sense of duty comes from. At the end of the episode, Jane pops up on his screen as the next soul to save…

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And that is because Jane stupidly went to save David. Turns out, David does not need saving at all. He already dispatched of the assassin Jane hired, and it also turns out that he is a weird, chauvinistic pig of a man. Multiple times he says things like "never send a woman to do a man's job" and that he wishes the world would go back to the way it was. "No blacks, no broads" as he says. It is disgusting to watch, but William Baldwin is great, dialing up some of his brothers but Trump impersonation to truly go full villain. Women are bound and fondled and sworn to silence, and this is the first time the show has actively made its audience squirm the way the concept should. Subtlety has gone out the window in this basement, and nothing would thrill me more than the Purge Punisher slicing through each and every one of these men. This scene could be triggering for some, so be warned.

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Rick and Jenna spend most of "The Forgotten" arguing about Lila and why Jenna ran to save her instead of him in the house as it was under attack last week. Uhh, its simple Rick, she kind of wishes you had died back there and could just raise your baby with Lila. She repeatedly checks on her, even believing her dead when someone answered her phone and said as much. We know better, and it is completely predicable when she shows up at their heavily-fortified door at the end. It also looks like their neighbor we haven't seen since the first episode when they were leaving for the party will be playing a role going forward.

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Finally, Penelope and Miguel are finally and officially reunited. Stupid Henry died committing the cardinal villain sin of talking too much instead of just killing them both while he had them tied up. It was actually really annoying to watch this unfold, as we knew there was no way that these two were not getting out of there alive. With all of the excitement going on with Jane and Joe, these two felt a little lost in the shuffle this week. Now that they are escaping the carnival and reunited, I am failing to see where they go from here. I still think Miguel will meet his end in the series, but there isn't really a lot of time left in Purge Night at the end of this episode, only a couple of hours.

Thanks to Joe the Purge Punisher, this was a great episode. The Jane storyline got creepy, and admittedly more interesting, Rick/Jenna/Lila is heading for an interesting climax. Let's see what next week brings for everyone now that the endgame is starting.


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