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The Forever Purge has been delayed by Universal.

Purge 5 Has Been Pulled From July Release Date, Delayed Indefinitely

Purge fans are not having a good week. Earlier this week, USA Network canceled the television series after two seasons. Ratings were very low, especially for season 2, and USA decided against producing any more. This afternoon word has come down that The Forever Purge, the fifth entry into the series, has been pulled from […]

Director Michael Bay attends the "Transformers: The Last Knight" premiere at the Civic Opera House on June 20, 2017 in Chicago, Illinois. Editorial credit: Debby Wong /

Michael Bay Signs Development Deal With Sony Pictures

For television, he is a credited producer on the shows Black Sails, The Last Ship, Amazons Jack Ryan show, and The Purge tv show He helped keep the 80's horror torch alive by producing reboots or Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday the 13th, and A Nightmare on Elm Street (well, ok you can be mad about[...]


New Purge Film Adds Will Patton, Cassidy Freeman, More to Cast

Purge fans not only have the second season of the television show going on right now, they have a new film to look forward to. After a year off from the big screen, the fifth Purge film will open in 2020. Will Patton, Cassidy Freeman, Ana de la Reguera, and Tenoch Huerta have been added […]

The Purge TV Show Still

"The Purge" Season 2 Teases Return in October to USA Network

The Purge is returning to the USA Network this October for a second season of mayhem and violence. Quick fans of The Purge, how familiar does that mask look? Check out the quick teaser, posted this morning on the Blumhouse twitter, teases what is to come. Does crime exist beyond the siren? Find out when […]

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"The Purge" Season 2 Adds Four New Purgers to the Cast

The Purge Season 2 is hitting small screens this fall, and four new Purgers have been added to the cast. Derek Luke, Max Martini, Paola Nuñez, and Joel Allen will all try to survive the night in season 2. The series debuted last year, and there is no word if anyone who survived that season […]

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Commence The Purge Season One Finale: There's Always Next Year

The Purge concluded its run on USA Tuesday, and thankfully it finished way stronger than it should have. Ending with what amounted to a two-part finale was a great idea, and one they executed as well as they possibly could have. Our hero that was not really a hero Joe held trials on people who […]

The Purge Episode 8 Still 1

Commence The Purge Episode 8: Say it Ain't So, Joe

For the first seven episodes of The Purge, we have believed certain things to be true. Miguel is Superman. Rick is spineless. Penelope is a walking contradiction. Lila is strong and confident. Jane makes a lot of stupid decisions. So on and so on. Last nights episode "The Giving Time is Here" flipped everything on […]

The Purge Episode 6 Still 1

Commence The Purge Episode 6: The Secret Origin of The Purge Punisher

It finally happened Purge fans! This episodes flashbacks gave us a little backstory on our Purge Punisher, whose real name is Joe( an excellent Lee Tergesen). I loved the show opening with him getting ready for his day and heading to work, just like when he was leaving to head out and help people on […]

The Purge Episode 5 Still

Commence The Purge Episode 5: You Say You Want A Revolution?

Oh Purge, I love you so. Being a ten episode event, you expect that the timeline is going to be…let's say advanced. In last night's episode, they slammed their foot onto the gas pedal in a variety of ways, to various degrees of quality. It feels like the whole episode, titled 'Rise Up', took about […]

The Purge Episode 4 Still 4

Commence The Purge Episode 4: Threesomes are Never a Good Idea

The Purge really took a big swing at exploring how society at large deals with the holiday last night, to mixed results. The show was always about expanding the scope of the films, and through three episodes it still felt a little contained to some tighter spaces. Well, except our hero Miguel, running around everywhere. […]

The Purge Episode 3 Still 1

Commence The Purge Episode 3: We Have a Superhero!

The Purge brought things to a boil on a lot of fronts last night, with Miguel just missing saving Penelope, Jane's Purge Night from Hell continuing, Rick and Jenna coming to grips with what taking money from the Stantons really entails, and a vigilante superhero is out and about saving people! 'The Urge to Purge' […]

The Purge TV Show Still

Commence The Purge, Episode 1: Would You Drive an Uber During Purge Night?

The Purge 10-episode television event kicked off last night on the USA network, less than two months after the latest feature film in the series hit theaters (The First Purge), showing us the origins of the event. This series takes place in a post-First Purge world, between the second at third films in the series […]

The Purge TV Show Will Explore the Concept Deeper Than the Film Series

The Purge fans flocked to room 6bcf this evening to commence learning a bit about the upcoming USA Network TV series. Hot on the heels of the latest film The First Purge, the show continues to take a look at what happens when all law is suspended for one night only once a year. Lex Scott […]