Quibi Keeps Doing Mapleworth Murders Dirty, Pushes Release Date Again

Those [Editor's Note: "folks at Quibi"]. But for real: the streaming app has done Mapleworth Murders dirty. How you may wonder? By taking advantage of the market. For the first time, Quibi might actually be making a sound business decision. You see, the Mapleworth Murders cast sounds like a stellar lineup for an SNL reunion. It's basically a "who's who" of comedy, both behind the camera and in front of it (and with involvement from Lorne Michaels, that's practically expected).

Paula Pell in Mapleworth Murders (Image: Quibi).
Paula Pell in Mapleworth Murders (Image: Quibi).

So, with a cast like Paula Pell, John Lutz, Tina Fey, Tim Meadows, Patton Oswalt, Maya Rudolph, and Chris Parnell (to name just a few), it's pretty clear that Quibi would want to open with this show. It makes sense: get people to sign up for the app with a great comedy show starring big names. However, they didn't do that. Instead, they got widely ignored, then finally gave a June 2020 release date for the show.

And now here's the part where I want to call Quibi names more than usual: the free trial period ends roughly at the end of June/start of July range. Mapleworth Murders is now pushed to "Summer 2020" (according to the app). I bet somebody decided to make a last-minute savvy-yet-shady business decision to try to keep people around after the free trial. It just feels like Quibi is dangling the bait in front of me like it's a mirage. They keep moving the carrot and yet it feels like they're never going to release it.

One thing that I do know is I'm not going to pay $6 a month for Quibi to keep promising something that might actually be worth watching and then never following through with releasing it. Nobody wants to pay for the "videos" tab on Facebook, not even when they boast well-known creators or big-name actors. At this rate, Mapleworth Murders' contract with Quibi will run out and they'll release it on another platform before Quibi actually gets around to releasing it themselves.

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