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Saturday Night Live: Jason Batemans 2005 Highlights New SNL Promo

Saturday Night Live: Jason Bateman's 2005 Highlights; New SNL Promo

That was when Fred Armisen, Rachel Dratch, Tina Fey, Will Forte, Darrell Hammond, Seth Meyers, Chris Parnell, Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, and Horatio Sanz were the SNL all-stars, with Finesse Mitchell, Rob Riggle, Jason Sudeikis, and Kenan Thompson as featured players Not too shabby of a line-up looking back now, right?[caption id="attachment_1305309" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Saturday Night Live[...]

Rick and Morty: Dan Harmon Talks Seasons 5 &#038 6 S05 Heart Emmy Ep

Rick and Morty: Dan Harmon Talks Seasons 5 & 6, S05 "Heart Emmy" Ep

But since you read the headline and hit the link, we know you're here for some intel on the immediate future of Adult Swim's Rick and Morty- and the panel didn't disappoint.[caption id="attachment_1285040" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Rick and Morty at PaleyFest NY discussing Season 5 and more | adult swim[/caption]Joined by voice cast members Chris Parnell[...]

Archer Releases Season 11 Trailer SDCC Panel On What Fans Can Expect

Archer Releases Season 11 Trailer; SDCC Panel On What Fans Can Expect

Voice actors Aisha Tyler, Chris Parnell, Judy Greer, Amber Nash, and Lucky Yates, join executive producer Casey Willis to talk about past cons, future episodes, alcohol, and of course, favorite moments of Archer But where is H Jon Benjamin? "He's making sandwiches" (of course, he's on the Bob's Burgers panel Or filming Naked and Afraid[...]

Quibi Keeps Doing Mapleworth Murders Dirty Pushes Release Date Again

Quibi Keeps Doing Mapleworth Murders Dirty, Pushes Release Date Again

It's basically a "who's who" of comedy, both behind the camera and in front of it (and with involvement from Lorne Michaels, that's practically expected).[caption id="attachment_1221107" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Paula Pell in Mapleworth Murders (Image: Quibi).[/caption]So, with a cast like Paula Pell, John Lutz, Tina Fey, Tim Meadows, Patton Oswalt, Maya Rudolph, and Chris Parnell (to[...]

Archer: 1999 Preview: When In Doubt Find Cyril and Throw Something at Him [VIDEO]

'Archer: 1999' Preview: When In Doubt? Find Cyril and Throw Something at Him [VIDEO]

Jon Benjamin as hard-drinking Captain Sterling Archer; Aisha Tyler as Archer’s Co-Captain and short-tempered ex-wife, Lana Kane; Jessica Walter as Archer’s mother and ball of energy, Malory Archer; Judy Greer as the eagle-eye fighter pilot, Cheryl/Carol Tunt; Chris Parnell as the attention-seeking First Mate, Cyril Figgis; Amber Nash as the crew’s rock monster muscle, Pam Poovey; Adam Reed as the out-of-place-in-space courtesan, Ray Gillette; and Lucky Yates as the synthetic[...]

Archer: 1999 &#8211 Jessica Walter Matt Thompson Talk Tales of Ranch Tubs [VIDEO]

'Archer: 1999' – Jessica Walter, Matt Thompson Talk Tales of "Ranch Tubs" [VIDEO]

Jon Benjamin, Aisha Tyler, Jessica Walter, Judy Greer, Chris Parnell, Amber Nash, and Lucky Yates joined executive producers Matt Thompson and Casey Willis at WonderCon 2019 - and that's where we had two things confirmed for us that we had speculated about for awhile:● Thompson will never stop feeling awkward over some of the things[...]

Rick and Morty Season 1 Trading Cards Feature Autos Sketch Cards

Rick and Morty Season 1 Trading Cards Feature Autos, Sketch Cards

Premium inserts will include original art sketch cards one per box, and voice talent auto cards, featuring signatures from Chris Parnell, Rob Paulsen, Ryan Ridley, Phil Hendrie, Jess Harnell, Kari Wahlgren, Maurice LaMarche, and Tom Kenny The glaring omission from the auto cards is of course Justin Roiland The autos will be a bit tougher[...]

Archer: Danger Island Gets Season 9 Premiere Date from FXX

Archer: Danger Island Gets Season 9 Premiere Date from FXX

Along with his trusty co-pilot/sidekick Pam (Amber Nash), Archer must navigate quicksand, cannibals, super-intelligent monkeys, poison darts and pirates in this dangerous and mysterious land. ●  Jessica Walter (Malory) plays Archer’s acid-tongued mother and hotel owner/bartender●  Aisha Tyler (Lana) is Princess Lanaluakalani, island royalty and local revolutionary●  Judy Greer (Cheryl) is heiress Charlotte Vandertunt, abandoned after[...]

The Croods Meet Their Neighbors And Join The In Crowd

The Croods Meet Their Neighbors And Join The In Crowd

Dreamworks TV's new series Dawn of the Croods will be debuting next week and we have two clips from the series to share. The world’s first family is back and funnier than ever in this all-new original family sitcom! Eep, Grug, Thunk, Ugga, Sandy and Gran are taking the prehistoric Croodacious era by storm as they[...]

NYCC: Rick &#038 Morty Invade New York

NYCC: Rick & Morty Invade New York

Rich Epstein writes for Bleeding Cool:Rick & Morty creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roland were in town along with actors Chris Parnell and Sarah Chalke were on hand to promote the release of the Season 1 DVD and the upcoming second season.The group entered with a Meseeker box, and was immediately joined by Mr[...]

Daaaaaanger Zone FXs Archer Panel – NYCC 13

Daaaaaanger Zone! FX's Archer Panel – NYCC '13

FWIW, the artist on the story boards is really good, reminiscent of Darwyn Cooke.The panel featured all the main cast, bar Chris Parnell, and included Jessica Walter making her first Comic-Con appearance The chemistry between the cast was obvious They sparked off each other like old friends in a bar Very snappy, very quick one-liners[...]