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Reacher: Alan Ritchson Shows Off New Tattoo Work, Discusses Meaning

Taking a break from covering Reacher Season 3 filming, here's a look at Alan Ritchson debuting his new tattoo work and the meaning behind it.

With a second season still fresh in fans' minds and a third season currently in production (more on that in a minute), it would be safe to say that it's a pretty good time to be a fan of Prime Video and writer & showrunner Nick Santora's Alan Ritchson-starring Reacher. With it being the Monday after Super Bowl LVIII, things are kind of quiet – which isn't always a bad thing. One of the reasons why it's nice to have days like these is that they give us chances to run more fun, less serious posts. Basically, the kind that we know fans are interested in because… well, we're fans of stuff, too – so there's a lot of geek understanding here. For this go-around, Ritchson shared a look at some sweet tattoo work – from how the original artwork looked to how it looks with Ritchson's skin as its canvas.

Image: Prime Video Screencap

"The master [Pavlo Pozhydaiev] and [La Manigance Toronto Tattoo Shop] at it again," Ritchson wrote to kick off the caption to his post that offers us the "Before" perspective. "Sock and Buskin. Masks ancient Greeks used when performing to enhance and project emotions related to comedy or tragedy. In my case, it not only celebrates my field but also my lot in life as a person who lives with bipolar. I can easily relate to the close proximity of these two disparities. So close they rest against each other. One glance is force-fed both extremes. Take a taste, enjoy, digest. Have too much at once from time to time. But remember the feeling of emotional overindulgence. For me, the banquet never ends. I'll show you the finished product soon." Here's a look at the post from over the weekend…

"Love this piece so much! [Pavlo Pozhydaiev] crushed it again," Ritchson wrote in a follow-up post that included a video showing the finished work – as promised. "Dude has stamina. I wasn't going to have a chance for a second session for several months, so we powered through. 16 hours beginning to end. Insane."

Reacher Season 3: A Look Ahead…

Back in January 2024, we learned that the third season would be tackling Lee Child's seventh novel, 2003's Persuader, with Reacher going undercover to rescue an informant held by a haunting foe from his past. In February, we learned that Anthony Michael Hall (Bosch: Legacy) & Sonya Cassidy (The Man Who Fell to Earth) are joining Ritchson and the returning Maria Sten (Frances Neagley) during the currently-in-production season. Hall's Zachary Beck is a formidable & successful businessman  – and a widow and single father of a 20-year-old son, Richard – who owns a rug import company that Reacher believes is a cover for some shady dealings. Cassidy's Susan Duffy is an extremely intelligent and tough DEA agent from Boston with a sharp and sarcastic sense of humor. Though not looking to make any spoiler headlines, Santora did have a few things to share about the series that he would like to see run for "at least four years" with The Hollywood Reporter in a recent interview:

Image: Instagram Screencaps

Santora on the Decision-Making Process in Selecting a Season's Book: "It's always a group decision. The studio has a lot of thoughts and ideas on it, as does Amazon, as they should because they know what they are doing. Alan will always have thoughts as well, because Alan is a really smart guy, and he has certain stories that are his favorites. And I also discussed it a lot with my writing team. They are great writers, and we all have instincts, for lack of a better word, as to which books might lend themselves to the screen a little bit better than others. And then we all collectively come to a decision, and then we all hope for the best!"

Santora on Maintaining Jack Reacher's "Loner" Spirit in Season 3: "What I can say is the spirit of Reacher is that he is a loner and a drifting hobo, to use Reacher's terminology. So, Reacher is never going to have a band of merry folks that travel along with him and help him solve crimes and have adventures. The DNA of Reacher is that he moves about on his own and teams up with good people when there's bad lurking about, and then he says goodbye to those people and goes on his way. And that's what we're always trying to stay true to."

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