Rick & Morty Composer Ryan Elder On Those Musical Episode Rumblings

All the cool shows are doing it these days. The Flash, Supernatural, Community, and even Always Sunny in Philadelphia have taken inspiration from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and produced an all musical episode of their normally not musical show. Now almost any cast, at some point or another, may unexpectedly burst into song and dance. Could there be an alien race, a planet, a spell-casting demon, or simply another dimension that tortures Rick by making everyone around him sing? Heading into the midway point of Season 5, Bleeding Cool had the chance to ask Rick and Morty composer Ryan Elder (Rick and Morty, Boss Baby: Back in Business) about the rumors of the inevitable all musical episode. If there aren't any rumors, let's start them here. Are there any plans, or have there been any discussions one way or another? 

Ryan Elder discusses his work on Rick and Morty, and more (Images: Adult Swim)
Ryan Elder discusses his work on Rick and Morty, and more (Images: Adult Swim)

Ryan Elder: "It's one of those things where obviously they know I would love to do that. I think they would wait for the right opportunity, the right story, the right moment in the show, the arc to do that if they were going to do it at all. But there's no, nobody is saying we have to do that. There's no- that's the great thing about 'Rick and Morty.' There's no rules like we have to do anything, right? So if it fits I'm sure they'll do it and I'll want to be doing it. I will say, don't sleep on "Get Schwifty" (Season 2 Episode 5) That was kind of a musical episode. But you're talking about a top to bottom… That would be fun "

Do you have a couple of numbers lined up just in case or other ideas?

RE: "Well we did do, this is another collaboration, I collaborated with Jess McKenna and Zach Reno who have a podcast ["Off Book: The improvised Musical Podcast"] where they do improve musical theater. I collaborated with them on a fake musical theater number (where) Bird Person and Rick are singing a song together. It's in the Story Train episode ["Never Ricking Morty"] season 4 [Episode 6]. It lasts maybe fourteen seconds, and then we cut back to the train and someone says that wasn't even the last time Rick and Morty had a musical. So they already sort of addressed that possibility in the episode. I created that song with Jess and Zach and it's really funny. In the episode it's only thirteen seconds long- we have a full version it needs to be, we still need to get some vocals on it from Justin I think. The pandemic hit right at a time when we were about to record that and it all just kind of got back-burnered for a while. But that song is written and ready to go. Bird Person musical song that I want to eventually get out there, probably if we do a soundtrack or something it would be on that."

Until that musical extravaganza is made you can watch Season Five of Rick and Morty when it airs Sunday nights at 11:00 pm on Adult Swim. Keep up with Ryan for Rick and Morty updates on Twitter @RyanElderMusic, and Instagram @RyanElderMusic.

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