Ring of Honor Offers Honor Club Subscription Service Upgrade Details

Ring of Honor announced a series of upgrades to Honor Club, their pro-wrestling video subscription service which a press release boldly calls "the best subscription service in professional wrestling." Honor Club, which features two tiers of service, will now include all PPVs on both tiers in the biggest change. The company is also adding past events to its archive and a new match navigation system.

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Honor Club is Making All PPVs Available to Subscribers

On the new PPV availability, which ROH is calling "Never Miss Another Moment," the company says, "Now, starting at just $9.99/month, every ROH pay-per-view is included with ALL subscriptions. When ROH returns to presenting live events, ALL HonorClub members can watch every single show LIVE as it happens. In addition, all past pay-per-view events are now available for all members, including last year's Final Battle, Death Before Dishonor, Best in the World, Crockett Cup and G1 Supercard." Previously PPVs were only included free with the $120 annual VIP membership, while the $9.99 monthly membership provided a discount on PPVs. The end price works out the same, but subscribers no longer need to pay per month.

Honor Club is Expanding its Archives

As for "The Archives," ROH is starting with events from 2010, promising, "HonorClub is beginning to add to its library of historic events. A number of ROH events from 2010 are now available and content will continue to be added over the next couple months after it is finalized for publishing."

Ring of Homor: Honor Club Adds Jump Points to Video Navigation

Finally, the "Match Menus" feature mirrors navigation of events that allows users to skip to specific matches. "Another feature of the new and improved HonorClub is the addition of match menus, which will allow users to skip to their favorite matches from the video player," the press release reads:

"This currently only works when watching via rohhonorclub.com on your computer or mobile device, BUT there are future plans to provide this experience on the apps, as well as to make the matches searchable across the platform . Match menus are currently available for the 2020 ROH Events and will be available for all shows going back to 2016 in the coming weeks. Check out this new functionality now by opening your favorite 2020 show and finding the menu icon in the video player's function bar."

All of this comes as part of Ring of Honor's Honor Month promotion, which also includes free previews of events available on the service, such as this preview of Supercard of Honor XII from 2018, which is available to watch on YouTube.


Ring of Honor says more updates to Honor Club will be coming in the future.

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